In the 514 Days Since Trayvon Died 565,914 Black Children Have Been Aborted


While the professional race-baiters and victim-hustlers make the most they can out of the Zimmerman trial verdict, the real problems of the African American community are ignored, and in the case of abortion, encouraged.

It’s been 514 days since Trayvon died, and on average, about 1,101 black children are aborted every day.

That means more than half a million children, 565,914, have been killed by abortion.

And while blacks are thirteen times more likely to die by the hands of another black person than anyone else, they riot for justice.

How do the professional race-hucksters get away with ignoring all of this?

So where are the marches?

Where’s the outrage?

  • noprisoners49

    Genocide, plain and simple. And the “hail satan” bunch in Texas have self-identified with the movement to exterminate American Blacks.

  • Spiny Norman

    Margaret Sanger’s plan to control the population of “inferior races” continues apace…

  • OustObama12

    The US Census data labels people as “black”, not “African-American”. We need to stop hyphenating people and stop the division in the media. They have been here for generations since any ancestor arrived from Africa.

  • mad niggajames

    why does it fucking mater.. that a perosona thing.. to tell me what to do with my body.. let someone rape you and you have the baby..

  • Argentina Ramirez

    Then, simply take off the hyphen. Who are “they”?

  • OustObama12

    “They” are the people in this country, black or white, who are citizens of the United States and whose ancestors originated on the African continent.

  • A perosona question for you, are you pregnant by rape mad niggajames or are you just destroying English hypothetically? How many states do you know of where a woman can’t get an abortion because she was raped? Is that enough of a justification to kill 3,300 American babies per day?

  • Fat Hubie


  • bungopony


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