New Soopervideo! Bernie the MathMan Sanders Militant Class Warfare Math Lessons!!

Ever since Obama has decided to “pivot” away from gun control which was a huge loser for him towards the economy, there have been more and more “grassroots” events ginned up by OFA. This week it was a dim-witted protest against fast food jobs – apparently the unemployment rate isn’t high enough so they thought they’d demand $15 an hour for unskilled labor!

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Bernie Sanders went up to bat for this one, as he launched into some class warfare tirade to to make it seem like CEO pay is completely out of hand. Except… if you actually do a  little simple math, it’s surprising just how little difference it would make if some gangly old Marxist fired CEOs from these companies, stole their salaries, and re-distributed to the employees:

  • Fire McDonald’s CEO: Employees make $.007 more per hour.
  • Fire Burger King CEO: Employees make $.016 more per hour.
  • Fire Yum! Corp CEO: Employees make $.045 more per hour.

So shove it, Senator Sanders. Obama takes more out of these employees’ pockets than the CEOs do.

UPDATE: Am I the only one who noticed this?

Bernie Sanders snowman

McDonald’s Employees Striking for Higher Wages Should See What Happened After Obama Hiked Wages on Military Bases 
  • robin

    Ouch! Hahahaha!

  • vulgorilla

    Yep … That’s the communists for ya …. they never stop to do the math. So typical.

  • killdozerd11R

    These guys keep talking about the guy at these company’s corporate officers
    How much is really made by the Franchise owner who has to pay money to the corp and buy supplies from corp and run the day to day operations at their franchise…I have known a few and they don’t make all that much when you break it down

  • Red Eye Robot

    Fire the Walmart CEO and redistribute his pay and Walmart workers make ¢.09 cents more a day. Now I dare the media to ask Walmart employees if their job is worth that .09 cents a day.

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