Watch: Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Battle it Out on Whether ‘White Privilege’ Exists!

Bill O’Reilly went on the Daily Show to publicize his new book “Killing Patton,” but Jon Stewart took the occasion to yell at him on the subject of “white privilege.” Although it devolves into a shouting match, they actually present both sides of the argument very well.

Watch below:

Personally, I do think that some form of “white privilege” exists, but too many use it as an excuse for failure or in-ambition, while race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson take advantage of the community to enrich themselves. In the end, Bill is right – whatever advantage some may have because of race, socio-economic status, or anything else, we still all have opportunity in America, and we need to focus on and celebrate that rather than wallow in pity and victim mentality.

And that’s what missing from the conversation – how liberalism has done more to destroy minority communities than any exaggerated “white privilege.”

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  • Leende

    Being white never did squat for me.

  • gastorgrab

    It depends. Is ‘black’ a race or a political entity?

    The left is endlessly trying to make other people feel guilty for crimes that they committed themselves. Even in the background of the Fergeson “protests” you can see the white Marxists who are conspicuously trying to stay out of frame so that a black face is put on the movement. One of those ‘Community Organizers’ was even in the background as the CNN crew is forced to leave the area. See for yourself.

    The left believes that all ‘Diversity’ is limited to race, gender, religion, or whatever interest group that the left decides to define. They intentionally ignore what makes every individual unique when they ask questions like; “Why are white men so racist?”

    As much as I’d like this call this conflict a struggle between black and white, I know that it isn’t. This is entirely a political movement based on rhetorical nonsense. This is a fight between ‘the people who only see groups’ vs ‘the people only see only individuals’.

    The Constitution however, is clear; only individuals exist. Our Civil Rights are individual rights. All other grouping are social, and government has no authority to regulate them.

  • gastorgrab

    Other thoughts: ‘Pretty Girl Privilege’ exists too. Should we redistribute that?

    I believe that very very few employers are turned off by race, and that the only color they really care about is the color ‘Green’. They’d be poor shopkeepers not to. What they try to avoid like the plague is the political baggage that comes with hiring a crybaby that can never be fired.

    Maybe the reason that so few people want to respond to the ‘White Privilege’ question is because they cant figure out what the hell it means. The definition seems to change depending on the situation. In fact, none of the Social Justice ‘Oppressor’ terminology ever seems to apply to leftists. i wonder why?

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  • bullet2354

    What about ‘Tall privilege?” should not the NBA players start cutting checks to everyone….