‘Black Activists’ Smug About 9 Waco Bikers Killing Each Other, Not About 16 Black-on-Black Murders Today

Black activists are out in force on Twitter, telling us all that cops would have shot down the biker gangs in Waco, Texas today if they were black:

Right. Except according to reports some of those gang members were Mexican. And nine died, possibly some from police shooting back at them after they shot at police. So why are these idiots trying to claim that cops only kill blacks? This is idiotic.

But the really annoying thing is the fact that on average, every day there are SIXTEEN blacks that are murdered by other blacks. SO if you count up all the deaths (so far) from the white and Hispanic biker gang shootout, it’s still falls short of the death count on blacks from their own community. Now how many times do white and Hispanic biker gangs have a shoot out with 9 fatalities? The black on black murder rate is sixteen every damn day.

But these idiots want to focus on some stupid race narrative:


What The Hell Did Dzhokhar Do As He Was Led Away?!?!

  • Marie

    These people suck….They pay no attention to facts, I pay no attention to them…

  • Red Fred

    How dare you depart from the narrative.

  • aliswell

    I see Deray McKesson is stirring the pot again. This is the azzhat that is now encouraging blacks to drag whites out of their houses and shoot them. Notice HE doesn’t actually try that stunt; just eggs on other blacks to do it because he’s too much of a coward.

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    All those race baiters can eat crow, when they learn that bikers were dropped were they stood in the parking lot by LEO, the very instant they showed a weapon. Black, white, brown or otherwise.

  • Bradoplata

    Maybe Deeray forgot what happened the last time some whites got uppity in Waco. #branchdavidian

  • jason

    National Guard wasn’t called in because no one was looting and burning down businesses. Duh.

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  • QuackRabbitDog

    If you hate your country so much ‘move on’. If you hate your fellow man so much you have a problem, this ain’t 1950-1960 anymore. Most people today only read about racism in a textbook so your racism chant is meaningless.

  • Tena Gallagher

    Anyone remember when Janet Reno (under Bill Clinton) called in the military and 76 members of a religious sect (all white) were killed? In…. WACO? I get sick of this BS that they are the only ones picked on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waco_siege

  • colonelkilgore

    This is too funny. Notice how there isn’t one white pundit or leader of television defending this violence, or blaming it on root causes, or telling us that this kind of “riot is the language of the unheard”?

    I mean, the cops rolled up and killed 4 or 5 of these guys and the Daily Kos is claiming the bikers got “velvet glove treatment” because they were white.

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  • dianna

    I used you quote above and Tweeted it to Deray McKesson..

  • aliswell


  • crankywhitewoman

    The stupid is strong with them. The National Guard is brought in when the problem persists. The gun fight was over the same day it started. Had it continued, like the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, the NG would have been deployed.

  • Mark Duncan

    The facts seem to be pointing to the police being the ones who started shooting. And are in fact responsible for all nine dead.