WATCH California Dem Stupidly Insult Native Americans!

Wow Loretta Sanchez really screwed herself over and did it in the stupidest way possible. The idiot Democrat is on the defensive for comments she made that are pretty offensive to Native Americans.

Watch below:

WOW! LOL! What an idiot. Notice how her being a Democrat means they have to frame the story a a question – “Did Sanchez make a questionable comment about Native Americans”? If it had been a Republican they would have made it clear it was offensive!

More from the Sacramento Bee:

Two days after entering the race for the U.S. Senate, Rep. Loretta Sanchez met with an Indian American group on Saturday and mimicked a racial stereotype of American Indians.

In a video shown to The Sacramento Bee and posted online shortly after, Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, describes a pending meeting she had with an East Indian.

“I am going to his office, thinking that I am going to meet with a,” she said, holding her hand in front of her mouth and making an echo sound. “Right? … because he said Indian American.

“And I go in there and it was great. It was just great because he said ‘I want to get my community involved.’ Involved. And that was the first time that we saw the Indian American community really come. …”

Good job genius! Unfortunately it’s in California so no one will care as long as they can vote for the right skin color.

[Editor’s note: The original headline mistakenly reported that Sanchez made her comments “in Front of a Group of Native Americans!” This is incorrect and has been excised.]

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  • WHMay

    Sanchez is stupid for not knowing that feather/dot thingy. Did she happen to ask, “What tribe are the Patels from?”

  • Bradoplata

    Wonder if she asked him to do a dance to help with the drought.

  • haifisch6

    I was wondering if Halperin was going to ask Bobby Jindal “Like um, how many buffalo hide to make-um your teepee?” but Sanchez was able make herself look like a fool first.

    The people of Orange County turned out “B-1 Bob” Dornan for her?

  • Yup

    With the help of illegal votes, I might add.

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