If You Type ‘Ni**a House’ Into Google Maps, The Universe Implodes Into a Black Hole of RACISM

The Huffington Post has discovered that institutionalized racism is mired into America even on GOOGLE MAPS. Yes, there is no greater sign of oppression than the fact that if you type “nigga house” into Google Maps, it goes to…. the White House.

I did my own mexperimentation:

nigga house

Now I don’t know why anyone but a racist would type “nigga house” into Google, but it’s absolute evidence that white people have woven racism intricately into every fiber of our lives, and if you deny that, you’re probably a racist white person in your soul. And your skin.

IN response, “Black Lives Matter” astroturf protesters have called for Obama to activate operation Jade Helm 17, round up all the white people in trains with shackles in them, and send them to the Obamacare death panels inside the FEMA camps. Don’t pretend you don’t know they exist.

9 DEAD, 18 Injured With Stabbing And Gunshot Wounds, 30 guns, 100 Guns Confiscated: Waco Brawl
  • closedpress.com

    How would someone even figure this out?

  • Jeez. This is almost as racist as calling your grandmother a “typical white person.”

  • Kelly Long

    Soop, I tried it, and I don’t know if it’s based on where you’re located, but it pulled up Waffle House in Atlanta, GA!

  • ggm281

    I get “house cleaning services near Nigga St.”, Syed Ali Pur, India
    Before typing ‘house’ I got Nigga Gardens in Belgium.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Who really gives a damn? No one but da bruddas. They’re becoming more like the muslims everyday, the race of perpetual outrage.

  • DeadMessenger

    Photoshop has great functionality.

  • DeadMessenger

    I’d ask Deray when’s the last time he called another person “nigga”. Who uses the word “nigga” far, far, FAR more often than any other race? And then ask himself how such a word might become associated with the WH, given that what he’s seeing wasn’t “programmed” into Google. Besides which, HE thought to Google it, so why is he questioning someone else Googling it?

  • OutbackJon

    I got those as well. When I changed the spelling to the non-gangsta version, I was sent to:

    Underground Railroad TV
    322 S Green St
    Chicago, IL 60627

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