Here’s a Bunch of Illegals Angry at Hillary’s Secret Service For Asking Their Legal Status!

Here’s a video from illegal alien advocates that kinda explains why so many Americans are annoyed at the attitude from some illegal aliens. In it a bunch of “Dreamers,” or those that received special asylum from Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, get annoyed at Hillary’s Secret Service detail.

Watch below:

You can see how angry they get that the agents would even ask of their status, but if they’re admitting they were illegal aliens by identifying themselves as “Dreamers” why is that a bad question? That’s the problem with having rampant illegal immigration without ANY deportation – anyone can be suspect because there’s so many illegals in America, they could be anyone. But worse than this is the attitude of indignant entitlement. If they just got their papers shouldn’t they be proud to show them? In fact, isn’t the damn point of having papers??!! They were undocumented and now they’re documented but they don’t want to prove their documentation?!

On top of all that the dude can barely speak English!!! Wasn’t the point of the “Dream Act” that these are supposed to be kids of illegals that were raised here and “in every other respect are just like Americans”? He actually demands of the Secret Service officer, “how am I supposed to answer that question, yes or no?” Yes, actually, dumbass, the simple answer to that question is yes if you’re here legally, and NO if you’re here illegally. Pathetic.

To add insult to injury, the video says that the Secret Service acted “illegally” by asking their immigration status. Weird how it’s OK to enter the country illegally, but it’s not OK to even ASK an illegal if they’re here illegally?

What a world Obama has created for Americans.

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  • What a world he’s created is right. It’s freaking depressing.

  • The_Basseteer

    As of Nov. 2014 there were about 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the United States will they be granted resident status??

  • WordFollower

    And these guys are going to be voting? *shudder*

  • Alison Arellano

    LOL they are both Illegal, Pretending to be immigration Personel and Pretending to be legal resident anyway. the rules i think is arrest them if they hurt or steal but dont do anything if they just come there and you ask question. you cAN Talk to their lawyer!

  • Wilson

    It is truly unbelievable that they are here illegally and take offense to being asked. They know before they ever come here illegally how strong the race card is. Thats why they are always ready to use that. Its sad that they deliberately try to align themselves with Americans with Hispanics backgrounds. Not sad infuriating. I work in a grocery store and the number of people who cant speak a word of English and have to be translated for and who are paying with YOUR money is astounding.

  • Ronald Allen Hudson

    Damn straight. The Irish have been exempted–Article 7B of Obama’s Pen & Phone Decree.

  • David Carmichiel

    this is the socialist agenda that obumma is attempting hell is fostering on america . with millions of americans in low paying dead end jobs and millions more seeking any employment just to keep food on the table and the roof over their families heads. this administration is actively pushing the illegals agenda and fostering a new wave of illegals to swamp america, to take the food out of your childrens mouths and the jobs out of your reach. dont let them fool you with the tired old rhetoric of “well no american wants these jobs or is willing to do them”. maybe 5 years ago that was true but in todays new economy?? another great gift from the obamma group, americans will take any job anywhere to feed their families.

  • bcainw

    Send every damn one of them packing! A “one way ticket,” to the Bottom of the Sea for Obama as well. LOL

    A panel of three judges on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s order halting President Obama’s executive action delaying deportation for up to 5 million illegal aliens.

    The 5th Circuit denied a motion to stay the injunction and narrow its scope because, determining the government is unlikely to succeed on the merits of its appeal.

    The opinion said the government’s action “makes aliens who were not otherwise qualified for federal public benefits eligible for ‘social security retirement benefits, security disability benefits, [and] health insurance under Part A of the Medicare program.’”


  • toobored54

    Whats the range of one of those circus cannons? we could load these assholes in there and fire em bak where they came from!!

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