Barbaric: Enormous Muslim Crowd Watches ISIS Throw Accused Gay Man Off Building to His Death

Isis gay headline

While the mainstream media and gay advocates in America continue to castigate Christians for refusing to bake cakes for gays in the West, the monstrous pigs of ISIS continue to execute homosexuals by horrifically throwing them off buildings to their gory death below.

These are the pictures of the awful act – look at the enormous crowd of Muslims who gathered to watch the execution:


isis gay 02

isis gay 03

In a previous execution, when the accused homosexual hit the ground and didn’t die immediately, the onlookers stoned him to death.

This time, they hung the accused gay man upside down before letting him go:

isis gay 01

isis gay 04

isis gay 05

The pictures have been shared on social media:

So if these aren’t reflective of Muslim values, then why are so many Muslims coming out to watch the execution of homosexuals when ISIS is in control? It makes you wonder how many elsewhere support the policy and are just waiting for a chance to enforce it…

(h/t: The Right Scoooop)
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  • Konstantinos Fasouletos

    Im disgusted by the silence of the gays in America. No worry, the moozlim crowd is growing here…….karma is a bitch.

  • WordFollower

    Sick, sick, sick, twisted, and sick. The lack of outrage or even a mention of this from SJWs confirms that they are raging moral cowards.

  • caussie

    The gays have enough with the bigotry from the Americans lately, every Christian ( or so called Christian) is up in arms about same sex marriage, as if it somehow effects them personally, so a lot of gays will be keeping a low profile in the States at the moment…. I am disgusted at the so called Moderate Muslims, there are supposed to be 100000s of them, in my opinion they condone this with their silence…. We need to get rid of the muslims from our countries, send the back to the 14th century countries they came from…

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  • JaySands1234

    Liberals you just keep on defending these savages. When they start throwing your asses off the buildings guess who will be in the crowd cheering….

  • Pete

    Copy that


    What is even sicker…I hear the word ‘Accuse’ a lot..accused does not mean ‘confirned’ ….so someone can “accuse” you of something and that is all which is needed to throw you off a building in this horrific manner?