Black Activists Make a Kid Burn American Flags in McKinney, Texas

Well the protest industry is out in full force in McKinney, Texas, and they will make sure the arrests are portrayed as racially-motivated no matter what the truth of the matter is. And to show just how classy they are, they are reportedly burning American flags:

Oh yeah, that’ll convince us to join their side. I think that lady might have to worry more about the die-a-beet-us than any cop arresting her at a pool party.

TONS of Bikers Show Up in Waco to Protest Continued Jailing, Police Harassment
  • ghhshirley

    Liar, that is not McKinney. There were people of all races there, many, many whites and it was very positive and peaceful. No flag burning.

  • akatom3565

    So we have to choose between a proven person and you huh tough choice

  • ghhshirley

    These two citizens clearly stated the White women started the McKinney fight with racial slurs then hitting.


  • ghhshirley

    The youth fo all colors in McKinney have come out in full force tonight. It’s a beautiful sight.


  • Kimjungill

    McKinney isn’t Baltamore. That riot shit won’t work so well in a Dallas neighborhood.

  • Red Fred

    To protest what exactly? That DJs should have the right to invite people to a private pool and residents should be forced to let them swim?

  • TheDissentingVoice


  • BadBruceLorraine

    Today they show kids how to burn an American flag. Tomorrow? Show them how to behead someone?

  • Anyone who believes what they see on a twit post is a fool. Witnesses are already saying, and some of it is getting aired, that the video is over 40 minutes long and all that was shown on the media was 7 minutes out of the middle. This race baiting crap is getting old and I know a lot of black people who are getting as tired of it as I am. The blacks folks I know are decent, hard working people and they understand very well that the race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson do nothing to help anyone, they line their pockets with cash from the very people they love to keep on the plantation. And, the fools who listen to them just cast all black people in a bad light, turning more against them than towards them.

  • Don’t Mess With Texas is more than a motto, it is a way of life to true Texans. If this foolishness keeps up I’m afraid that a few folks in McKinney are going to find out the hard way. Oh well, they bring it upon themselves.

  • Kimjungill

    Yep. I have popcorn ready. Tired of this shit.
    They can escalate at their own risk, me? I’m just here for the beer.

  • NRPax

    So the trespassing on private property and assault get disregarded because “raysism.”

    Yeah. That’s cute.

  • mjyoung

    They’re going to learn the hard way that Texans don’t crumple and whimper, Texans fight back. Remember the Alamo…and I’m not talking about a car rental company!

  • I already have the beer open! I’m just waiting for the fireworks show to start and the good folks in Texas will show everyone how to put one on.

  • Thank you. I know several sites where this link will help educate fools who rage on cops for no good reason. I’ll get raged at too but I don’t really give a shit. HAHAHA…

  • tj1tj

    Why post this article?
    Are you against the first amendment?
    That’s fascist-like behavior.

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  • MK L

    Their Welfare Checks, Free Housing, Free Phones, Free Medicaide should All Be Stopped for those Anti-American People..Not just the Blacks also When Burning The United States American Flag…