Britain PULLS SPIES From Hostile Countries After Russia And China CRACK SNOWDEN FILES

IN addition to the revelation that the Chinese hacked our government employment files, and then the second revelation that they also hacked our intelligence and military files, NOW we find out that the files stolen by that damnable moron Eric Snowden have been cracked by the Russians and oh guess what the Chinese too.

Watch below:

From Reuters:

Britain has pulled out agents from live operations in “hostile countries” after Russia andChina cracked top-secret information contained in files leaked by former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the Sunday Times reported.

Security service MI6, which operates overseas and is tasked with defending British interests, has removed agents from certain countries, the newspaper said, citing unnamed officials at the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Home Office (interior ministry) and security services.

The United States wants Snowden to stand trial after he leaked classified documents, fled the country and was eventually granted asylum in Moscow in 2013.

Russia and China have both managed to crack encrypted documents which contain details of secret intelligence techniques that could allow British and American spies to be identified, the newspaper said citing officials.

However an official at Cameron’s office was quoted as saying that there was “no evidence of anyone being harmed.”

So the obvious question here is to ask whether Obama is also going to pull some of our espionage assets, or will we leave them in harm’s way? I guess it doesn’t matter – either way the press will cover for him no matter what happens.

Also hey, thanks Snowden you damnable idiot. And that equally stupid moron Glen Greenwald. Doing a bang-up job for our enemies in the world.


  • BigGator5

    ….Er, What?!

  • larrymardis

    so when will they rat out Obama for the fraud that he is. How long must we be blackmailed over this traitor

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  • Pat

    Snowden is an American hero of the likes of Phil Schneider et al. When someone blows the whistle on illegal/unconstitutional activity going on in our government and against their own citizens then that person is a hero. He put his life on the line to inform us what our government is doing to us. He fled not to avoid persecution but to avoid being murdered by the US government.

  • RandomGuestGuy

    He’s not a goddamn hero, he should be tried for espionage and treason for giving away top secrets to foreign governments who can use the information to further attack US security, as China and Russia would most certainly love, judging from their frequent hacks.

    He was fucking reckless and a coward for fleeing the US. And no, he wouldn’t have been murdered. This is the US, not your beloved China or Russia, who actually have absolutely no qualms about “disappearing” critical journalists and political dissidents.

  • Pat

    There is far too much evidence against your position to be having this debate, Do some internet searches on the subject while it’s still accessible. The US government is not who you think they are. You are living in a fictitious paradigm. I’m not talking about paranoid conspiracy theories. I’m talking about cold hard documented verified facts. Let those who have eyes see.