‘Black Twitter’ Responds to Rachel Dolezal’s Interview

Have I told you lately how much I love the Rachel Dolezal story? Because I do. This morning she finally spoke out on the Today Show, and I don’t think black people appreciated her comments very much. Here are some tweets from “Black Twitter,” but I have one caveat – given the recent rise of white people pretending to be black, I cannot vouch for the blackness of all these people. Reader beware!!




Dolezal Destiny!!!

Whiiiiiiiiite Privilege!!!



This is my favorite though:

What the hell? LOL! That makes no sense whatsoever. Somehow blacks being fooled by Rachel Dolezal is Republicans’ fault!!

Notice also that many of these are contradictory to the others – her being praised is proof of white privilege, but her being criticized is because of white racism! I love it. So much.

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  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Holy sh*t, it’s wrong when Black girls want straight ironed hair and bleached skin and it’s wrong when White girls want braided hair and tanned skin!

  • © Sponge

    White Privilege. Is there NOTHING it can’t do?

  • Lolaga

    These Black Twitter comments do show that they’re not too “down with her struggle,” which is pretty funny and counter to the talking heads on MSNBC, etc. One other thing they reflect is…daggone, they sure do dislike the white race. We sure are some entitled, privileged “others” to African Americans. Who knew? It isn’t my kid who gets special treatment on the college application. Or anywhere else for that matter.

  • martin caidin

    And yet her critics would find her more authentic than Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Ben Carson, etc.


    Funny how Blacks keep droning on about phony “white privledge” while THEY HOLD just the same zmount of BLACK if not MORE “Black” Privledge. Remember it is what is NOT being said that is key…

    Why did Black Rachel SUE the College, get a PAID Education (affirmative action), and could sense as a “White person” in a ALL BLACK School …that THEY (the blacks) did NOT want her there??

  • No. You should a seen the grass stains it got out of my kids clothes, and it powered right through the oxidized paint on my old camaro till it looks like a brand new paint job from maaco. I even treated all the crab grass in my lawn and it didn’t hurt my ornamental at all!

  • gastorgrab

    What empowers the NAACP to issue ‘Blackness Waivers’ to anyone?

    Can you lease a cultural identity, and if so, who collects the money? (Sorta reminds me of the ‘Carbon exchange’ economy.)

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