LOL! Here’s VIDEO of That Phony Black Lady Speaking at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest in Baltimore!

This is one of the best videos ever. Watch Rachel Dolezal take the stage and rile up a bunch of protesters to go burn down businesses for black power!

The most amazing thing about that video is how this obviously white lady runs around with what is clearly a fake tan with her terribly white mannerisms and vocal inflections. How was this not obvious to everyone that was there?!

More from Baltimore Brew:

Rachel Dolezal, the Washington state NAACP president whose racial identity has been called into question, spoke in Baltimore at a May 20 post-Freddie Gray protest outside police union headquarters.

Dolezal, president of the Spokane NAACP, waited by her car outside the FOP union hall that day for about an hour before protesters marching from West Baltimore reached the building on Buena Vista Avenue in Hampden.

As she waited, Dolezal said she had come to Baltimore to try to help community leaders working on the issue of improper use of force by police.

Dolezal talked about the challenges for the miniscule black community in Spokane, noting that they comprise “just, like, one percent of the population.” She discussed police brutality issues there including the case of Lorenzo Hayes, 37, who died in Spokane police custody on May 13.
Photos Rachel Dolezal took with Marilyn Mosby (left) posted by the Spokane NAACP on Twitter.Photos that Rachel Dolezal took with Marilyn Mosby were posted on Twitter on May 22 by the Spokane NAACP.

Speaking with The Brew and local activist Kinji Scott, who was also waiting for the marchers, Dolezal also talked about her experience of having received anonymous threats.

Will this story ever end?! I hope not. Every single little tidbit is better than the last.

Rachel Dolezal Says Something Really Crazy in Her Resignation Statement
  • gastorgrab

    Proof that ya dont gotta be black to be a black liberal. Ya just gotta be a Liberal-Progressive loon!

    It ain’t a race, it’s a political world view. The signs should accurately read; #PeopleWhoPracticeTheRecklessIdeasOfLiberalCultureMatter!

    Everyone in prison right now is there for doing something that Progressive culture encourages. There are no black conservative street gangs. There are no black conservative drug dealers, conservative crack hoes, or conservative anything else there in prison! Liberals romanticize the ‘Thug Life’, and blame others when that experience goes bad. The demonize the nuclear family unit, then blame American culture for the bad consequences that these bad choices brought. They tell people to do stupid things and then blame society when the stupid things don’t work out.

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  • Free GZ

    She’s nuts!

  • Susie LeBron

    She was covering her green eyes pretty well with those sunglasses, got a tan too beofre she flew there..what a hypocrite…or better yes..nut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dnhook

    That man in the red shirt was looking at her and thinking, “This ain’t no sista! This ho is a cracka with orange paint.”

  • specialkkc

    “No spray tan…no BLACK!”

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  • Jecolon

    Now….don’t these blacks feel stupid with this woman now that she is exposed. There is a new program that is coming to Fox with a nice looking couple that are black. As soon as Fox and Friends interview them on their coming show they asked them about this woman. THEY backed her up as if she was right in what she did because it is an identiy problem. I will not watch this new show. It already has turned me off with people who can only see BLACK and not see that she broke the law. What if every white person gathers together and demand that they are black, change their features to reflect the black culture and get free benefits through their programs?

  • Mary Weist Izar

    Orange is the New Black

  • J Lopez

    I saw it and felt the same way. It will go off the air soon. What a bunch of loons!

  • Pat

    White Lives In Blackface Matter!!!

  • CrispusA

    This is too much to get my head around…how could she perpetrate this fraud? I simply cannot understand how there wasn’t a voice in her head screaming, ‘you aren’t black!!!’, constantly.

  • Michael Onoo

    Who has done The calculations to figure how much extra money she received by pretending to be black

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  • Matty Q

    Every dang lefty speaks like a politician these days. They use a whole lotta words to say absolutely nothing.

  • Donna

    It’s actually a mental illness. Just look at her