‘He Wanted To Start a CIVIL WAR’ – Mass Murderer’s Friend Knew FOR SIX MONTHS He Was Planning Attack

ABC News is reporting that the evil murderer’s friend knew for a long time he was planning this, and didn’t do a damn thing about it.

Dylann Roof, the alleged gunman authorities say is responsible for killing nine people in a predominantly black Charleston, South Carolina, church Wednesday night, had been “planning something like that for six months,” according to his roommate.

Dalton Tyler, who said he has known Roof for seven months to one year, said he saw the white, 21-year-old suspect just last week.

“He was big into segregation and other stuff,” Tyler said. “He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.”

 Tyler said he met Roof, a Lexington, South Carolina native, through a good friend. He also said Roof’s parents, with whom he said the suspect was “on and off,” had previously bought him a gun but never allowed him to take it with him until this past week.

How is this not something he can charged with? He knew this kid was planning an attack for six months but only knew him for less than a year? If he isn’t lying, then that means it’s very likely that others knew about it and also ignored it.

Here’s Dylan being arrested:

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  • StaroftheWest

    I think the poor boy needs to be released on his own recognisance, in downtown Charleston, at a publicly announced time and place.

  • Frank
  • Pat

    No crime exists for not notifying authorities (who?) of someone who said they wanted to commit a crime. A crime must be in the material/action stage before he can be “stopped/detained”. Even the FBI cannot “move” on a suspect they’re tracking until they know he is carrying out the intent of his crime. Since “Minority Report” is just a fantasy we will never prevent these crimes from happening. The best we can do is provide early detection and treatment for mental illness. This may at least reduce the rate of these types of massacres. Making guns illegal will not work because then only criminals will have guns.

  • Bradoplata

    What would he be charged with? Not taking a drugged up, white trash cracker at his word? That’s almost like blaming Bush for 9/11 because someone heard something might happen sometime.

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  • If anyone else should be charged in this heinous crime is should be Roofs father. He KNEW that his son could not buy a gun legally, he is a convicted felon, but his father bought one and gave it to him anyway. The law and prosecutors in Charleston can’t be so dumb as to overlook this fact, can they? For the safety and welfare for all the good citizens in that city I hope not.

  • Nov-cubed

    Dylann has set back bowl haircuts further than Owebama has race relations.

  • gastorgrab

    Charles Manson was trying to start a race war too.

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  • formwiz

    If he was such a racist, why was his first target the 83% College of Charleston, as his black drinking buddy told the AP?

    This creep just wants the attention.

    And he should get about 100,000 volts of it.