Ann Coulter Bulldozes Through Bill Maher, Commie Rep. Louis Gutierrez, And a Failed MSNBC Host on Immigration

Ann Coulter went into the lion’s den when she visited Bill Maher’s show and tried to drop some knowledge about immigration. The idiot liberals came back at her with arguments based on their feelings, and offered no rational debate, as usual.

Watch below:

This is how it went – Ann Coulter made her case, then Louis Gutierrez talked about the feelings of Latinos, then Maher, says, yeah that doesn’t answer her question. All he said is that her attitude will help Democrats win – then why are liberals so afraid of her? If she’s so wonderful for them, they should be marketing her book!

Then the idiot Joy Ann Reid, who’s so terrible she lost a show on MSNBC the worst news network in the nearest 10 galaxies, talked about how immigration is “slavery,” but somehow still supports that slavery. She was offended because she’s the child of immigrants, but again, didn’t address any of Coulter’s points. It was just a stupid argument by anecdotal evidence.

Further, the crowd applauded like mad idiots when Bill Maher said that illegal immigration was just caused by Republicans who want to destroy the Middle Class. But if that’s the case, then why the hell are they defending illegal immigration?! LOL! What a bunch of idiots.

Let me be clear in saying that I don’t agree with Ann Coulter’s vehemence on the issue and I do think she veers into racist positions on occasion, but damn, these stupid liberals can’t argue a damn point to save their lives. Ann Coulter wins this one.

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  • CoulterWatch

    Ann Coulter has embraced a new politics of race in which white is supreme.

    See “Adios, Ann: Diversity = White” at

  • Pat

    The core question was not answered by the liberals; “Why aren’t we being selective in our immigration policy by trying to bring in the best and the brightest instead of the ones that will end up on welfare and illegally voting for democrats handouts?” It’s obvious why the liberals didn’t answer such a revealing question. Democrats screw Americans for votes.

  • Deserttrek

    the idea that Ann Coulter “veers into racist positions on occasion” is idiotic at best …. illegal aliens regardless of country or skin color are illegal , noting to do with race and yes many cultures are not compatible with ours. Nothing wrong with the truth. now grow up

  • Big B

    Maher is such a tool. But he gave her a fair shot, and she did well. I would have challenged the left’s stats more, but that’s just me. But I love to watch a liberal dance and not answer a direct question.

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