Pathetic: ‘New Republic’ Says Bobby Jindal and Dinesh D’Souza ‘Erased Their Ethnic Identities’

It really is amazing how liberals are just physiologically unable to see the blatant racism of their statements when they’re aimed at conservatives. That’s what animates pathetic attacks like this one on presidential candidate Bobby Jindal and conservative Dinesh D’Souza:

The piece is written by someone of East Indian descent in order to ward off criticisms of racism, because that’s exactly what the headline screams. After a charming folksy story about his own family members being racist against blacks, the writer cites some examples of Dinesh slamming on Obama, and continues:

It’s tempting to dismiss D’Souza as an outlier. He’s aligned with the right-wing of the Republican party, while the vast majority of American South Asians identify as Democrats. Still, anyone who spends time among South Asians will recognize the popular currency of attitudes like D’Souza’s.

Uhm wait a minute – I thought he had “erased” his ethnic identity? If the writer admits that South Asians are racist, then wouldn’t D’Souza be affirming his ethnic identity by being racist? Obviously I don’t think Dinesh is racist, my point is that the piece just doesn’t make any damn sense. It was just written for the sake of putting out a headline to bash two conservatives.

Then the dumbass continues by coupling this anti-Christian bigotry with anti-Asian racism:

D’Souza’s racism and Jindal’s xenophobia find a more muted parallel in the career of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, whose advancement includes suppressing public references to her Sikh heritage and being presented by her campaign as a “proud Christian woman.”

Uh.. Nikki Haley being a proud Christian is “erasing her ethnic identity”? So apparently only white people can be Christian in this dolt’s diseased mind.

Then the idiot goes on for the entire article to bash on Dinesh D’Souza, because the article really has nothing to do with Nikki Haley or Bobby Jindal, this is just their attempt to float anti-conservative racism printed long ago just to get some clicks and bash some conservatives. Pretty pathetic.

What I find hilarious about the entire piece is that the writer doesn’t ever define what it means to have a South Indian “ethnic identity.” Why is this? Probably because it would be a list of stereotypes that you’d expect to hear out of Joe Biden. Rather than affirm racial stereotypes, the writer attacks a mentor of Dinesh, and cites spare and poor examples of his supposed racism.

I get this same accusation all the time, which is why I published a video about Latinos being accused of abandoning their ethnic identity when being conservative (coincidentally, in collaboration with Dinesh D’Souza). Screw these people.

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  • LMOAO…I just watched the video and it is great! Although I do have a problem with the soopermexicans fascination with gringos, I happen to resemble that remark. (snicker) En realidad, soy un coyote, un mestizo. That means I’m a halfbreed for you non Spanish speaking gringos around here.

    Anyway, back to the subject. Why do liberals have such an urge to label everyone as some kind of insert name-American? Why can’t Denish, Bobby and Nikki just be Americans? I am thinking that if you called any of them an Asian-American or Indian-American to their face they would laugh in yours. Just like I would. I am not a Spanish-Irish-English-Norwegian-American, I am an American plain and simple. And every American in our country should be proud to stand up and say the same.

    I think the liberal fascination with this nonsense started with Jessie Jackson when he coined the phrase “African-American” to drive the wedge deeper between our black population and the rest of us. That is what the race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton do best, keep stirring hatred by telling black people that they are oppressed and it is all the white mans fault. They have to keep driving the wedge deeper, it is how they make their living, and far to many black people have fallen into their trap.

    I hope D’Souza, Jindal and Haley stand strong, stand up like the proud Americans they are. All of our ancestors, unless you are a Native American, came from someplace else with one thought in mind, to become Americans and raise their children to be Americans. It looks to me like D’Souza, Jindal and Haley’s parents did a great job.

  • Guest

    They divide to follow this driving tenet:
    “Divide, and conquer.
    But then, unite and rule”
    Their stated social goals are not their true purpose- that’s just marketing. Power, being in charge, for its own sake, as an end in itself- this is their ACTUAL goal. As it is for most political types who do not enthusiastically embrace freedom and individual rights above all else.
    The old quote about wishing humanity had but one throat so that he could cut it fits here.

  • Pat

    Liberals are disinformation machines. They use the Nazi tactic that “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth”. Remember the election cycle where Republicans were being accused ad nauseam of wanting to dump old people in the ditch and starve babies? Democrats even ran a TV ad showing Paul Ryan throwing granny over a cliff. The democrats won that year. This stuff works for them because of what Rush Limbaugh calls the Low Information Voter. They’re basically ignorant, uneducated, uninformed people who watch a headline on TV just before they go out and vote. Conservatives will continue to lose elections if we don’t play the game better.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Both are being targeted as per the ALINSKY rules……

  • Pat

    We better come up with some Kick-Ass rules of our own or this party’s over.

  • gastorgrab

    I told you before, there is no such thing as ethnicity without socialism. As long as she pledges her everlasting soul to Progressivism, Rachael Dolezal IS BLACK.

    “In the name of Karl Marx, the compassionate, the merciful ….. submit yourselves fully, O workers, and know that the only true God, ‘Government’, might bring peace upon the whole Earth!”

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