Shaun King Is a Dumb Hypocrite On ‘Thug’ Being Racist

“Black Lives Matter” leader and idiot Shaun King was very upset that certain media personages were using the word “thug” to describe some black men who were involved in crime.

Here’s him being very concerned and angry GrRrR!!!


Yeah!! It’s just the same as using the word NI…. wait wait…


Oh. Well. Crap. At least he only whines about it being racist once… wait…


Uh seriously dude? By the way Shaun is at least half white so isn’t he racist for using the word?! Against himself?!


C’mon dude. You call yourself a thug!!!!


Yeah so a fifteen year old can be a thug right?


I’m guessing the answer you want is “no”?


Oh. So you WERE a thug. Or not. Forget it I give up. #ThugLife

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  • Sheepdog Smokey

    Never call someone who carries a weapon illegally, steals and such a “thug” they are “misunderstood teens who are victimized by police” WHEN THEY COMMIT A CRIME AND DON’T OBEY THE ORDER TO STOP!

  • That guy is a mutt. I love using that word to describe scumbags. Thug hasn’t gained a new connotation. It still means whatever you want it to mean. Bully, muscle head, dingbat, extortionist, thief.

    Real gangsters, mobsters, are or have been known as thugs or enforcers for decades. To change its meaning because some precious snowflakes might take offense is a disservice to the memory of the fine men of la cosa nostra who made the word thug mean what it’s supposed to be. Joe Pesci won’t stand for it.

  • Mother124

    It’s interesting that with all these “code words” and “dog whistles,” liberals seem to be the ones to pick up on them….

  • Mother124

    “Disenfranchises youths.” (H/T the French)

  • Waaa, waaa, waaa, Shaun King is a crybaby little thug. When I was 15 I was working instead of hanging out at a skating rink. When I was in school, I learned how to read and solve math problems. My grandfather gave me my first rifle when I was 12 but I didn’t have to carry it around to prove how tough I was. Anyone who brags about his thug childhood like King does will never be anything else, just a common thug.

  • I wonder how long it will take the liberals to figure out mutt means the same thing as thug? Look for it to be the next “code word” the loons will be whining about.

  • Pat

    “Thug” is a real word with a real definition. I guess if we can change the definition of marriage then we can change the definition of thug.

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  • pattywack

    Did it turn out this fuul was really white.