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Fans are Angry That NASCAR Dropped the Trump Over Illegal Comments

What the heck is happening over at NASCAR?! They used to be as #merican as apple pie, the American flag, and tamales at Christmas!! Now they’re bowing to politically correct morons who probably don’t even watch NASCAR. First they banned the Confederate flag, and NOW they’re moving an event that would have been held at a Trump hotel over his comments!

From the Associated Press:

On the same day one of its top sponsors called on NASCAR to take a stance against Trump, the motorsports series said it will not hold its season-ending awards ceremony at the Trump National Doral Miami.

“We looked at everything we saw coming down and what we heard from our sponsors and our partners and what we feel we should be doing, and that’s what led us to the decision today,” NASCAR spokesman David Higdon said Friday at Daytona International Speedway.

Pppft. Losers.

Read more about this awful case here.

Yeah dammit! I don’t even watch NASCAR and this is annoying me!!

Of course, there were a few idiots happy about it:

…but they were outnumbered by angry fans.

  • RageHard84

    I don’t follow sports, but I do follow politics. (Don’t judge me please). It seems like nowadays when reading political news it seems like you get a fair number of stories involving a sports league bowing to political correctness.

  • Joel A. Edge

    I dropped NASCAR many years ago.

  • Cyberats

    Trump should use his finances & influence to make NSCR feel the pressure.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    Teams, dump NASCAR, join new organization, FASCAR.

  • xsnake

    Those NASCAR stands aren’t filled with Godless leftists.

  • Chunkdog1

    It’s pretty obvious if you follow the money.
    “NASCAR and Comcast announced today a historic agreement that will make Comcast’s XFINITY brand the title sponsor of what is now known as the NASCAR Nationwide Series through 2024”.
    “Beginning January 1, 2015, the property will be known as the NASCAR XFINITY Series. ”

    Now, who’s behind Comcast? A group of weathy, liberal, Obama synchophants, bundlers, and Democrats. They’re Obama’s golf buddies, house guests and huge donors to the democrsts.

    And considering NASCAR’s supporters are typically conservative, southern, middle americans, these NASCAR/Comcast big-wigs are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Jim Denney

    Dear NASCAR,

    Screw U.

    A former fan

  • Oh

    Chuckdog1 NAILED It!!!

  • Trav

    PC is a STD

  • WHMay

    Well, NASCAR only makes left turns.

    I wonder what NASCAR will look like with those proggy faces in the stands.

  • The Coke Zero 400 will be run at Daytona later today, I’m going to tune in to see how many Confederate flags will be waved in the stands. Or how empty they are, one or the other.

  • Pat

    FINALLY, somebody understands what’s going on here. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! Liberals have targeted NASCAR for annihilation a long time ago. This is a classic squeeze play right out of the Liberal Playbook 101 On How To Destroy Conservative Enclaves. It’s Economics 101. NASCAR needs money from sponsors…..Sponsors needs money from consumers…. and Liberal Extortionists tell sponsors they will convince consumers that they’re racist if they don’t pull they’re money from the conservative organization that is targeted for destruction. If this is confusing then read it 10 times until you get it. It has been happening for decades and will continue to happen as long as it’s effective.

    The solution is to boycott the sponsors that cave to liberal extortionists. Not simple or easy but THIS IS A WAR, PEOPLE!!!

  • Chunkdog1

    I just read there are a hell of a lot. It doesn’t look like anyone turned them in.

  • CountMontyC

    If only proggies are in the stands, empty

  • I had a lot of family here for the holiday and missed the start of the race so I didn’t get a chance to check out the crowd. By the time I could turn it on the rain had stopped everything and a lot of the fans had left so I’ll see what I can find later.

  • Deserttrek

    F nascar

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