‘Go to the Back of The Rope-Line!’ – Hillary Corrals up Reporters Like a Bunch of Animals LOL!

The Hillary campaign showed their disdain and disrespect for the fawning boot-licking media yesterday by corralling them today behind a rope-line.

Here’s another angle of the reporter roping that I found on the internet:

hillary coralling the press

From the Daily Mail:

As Hillary Clinton walked freely down a New Hampshire road, she shook hands and greeted residents with a smile.

But the members of the press accompanying her were a bit more restricted in their movements – as they were guided through the streets with a rope.

The former Secretary of State’s campaign staff kept reporters, cameramen and photographers at arm’s length as she joined a July 4 parade in Gorham – fueling speculation she is trying to control the media.

The Twitters had a good time with it:

Hillary got so criticized and ridiculed for it, they had to release this statement:

Awesome. Keep pissing off the press that would be happy to screw over a Republican.

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  • Señora Speedy Gonzalez

    Thanks Soop, I was ready to call Hillary a racist. I didn’t see any of my people in the crowd, not even manning a churro or paleta cart, but I see they had celebratory birria later. Oh you Hillaria CleeeeenTON!

  • Pat

    1st Amendment? Freedom of the Press? Any of this ring a bell? If you think it’s been hell under Obama, just wait until Hillary is in charge!!! Let’s keep a list of all the Constitutional Amendments that are being trashed by Democrats: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 14th, others??? Let’s clone the US Founding Fathers, give them AK47’s and a press pass, then watch the fun.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Well Hillary roping reporters like cattle is no surprise, the Demoncrats have been corraling blacks on the inner city plantations for what, since the civil war or there abouts?

  • martin caidin

    why demean people who are already in your corner?

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  • RageHard84

    C’mon Hillary, the reporters are on your side!