Here’s a Mexican Dude In A Sombrero Beating a Donald Trump Piñata With a Rake in LA As a Protest (It’s Not Me)

Apparently there’s some kind of protest from stupid Mexicans, not sooper-Mexicans, against Donald Trump in Los Angeles today:

Well OK then. Ironically, white people have gotten in trouble for wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo because it’s racist or something. Also isn’t a rake kinda stereotypical? Is he saying all Mexicans are landscape maintenance specialists? And finally, didn’t this guy watch “Napoleon Dynamite”? You’re not supposed to beat your political opponent in a piñata.

For the record, I thought Donald Trump could have stated his case better, but it wasn’t racist. Ann Coulter is, however.

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  • BigGator5

    Ann Coulter can eat shit and die.

  • Kurt Hewitt

    So an illegal(likely) beats up paper candy container… Trump must be shaking in his boots… WITH LAUGHTER!!!!!!

  • Pat

    These idiots keep validating what Trump has said about them. The average Mexican hates white people almost as much as black people do. White people are the most tolerant and the most demonized.

  • ricky2112

    Wait one minute. You are saying Trump isn’t a racist and may be cool, but Ann Coulter is a possible racist? They both said the exact same thing, Trump said it resoundingly worse and yet Coulter is the racist? She actually gave facts and of course Trump had to rely on Ann’s facts. No one, especially us hates Mexicans but, we can’t support every person that is poor in the world. We have enough to deal with.

  • pathfinder

    Trump, how ever inelegantly he worded it, focused on 1) illegal aliens; 2) illegal aliens who are criminals. And with that he did bring up something that all of us (well, except for the lefties and a lot of the chamber of commerce types) have noticed: none of us like illegals and especially the criminal ones (and there are a lot of those). Why? Because they make life hard — because, protected class of criminals.
    Nobody likes them for that reason. At least no average American does. This is not a racial thing (although Trump could cut to the chase and just come out and say the truth: Latinos are white; that makes most Hispanics, uhm, white or at the very least mixed, but lotta white there….so let’s just cut up that race card).

    Ann had to actually go there with the racial stuff — which was a lefty move. Plenty of “Latino” Americans aren’t exactly thrilled with the illegals, and especially the criminal ones (which makes up a pretty good percentage of the illegals). It’s sort of like my wife has said: she’s Italian; not mafia — she’s all for busting criminals and feels no “racial” solidarity with them, but it gets old when folks lump her and hers in with them because of the shared vowel on the ends of the names. This is the same thing.

    Also, not every illegal coming into the country is Latino/Hispanic, and a lot of them are criminals too — so Trump came closer to the reality of the thing. And so far, while I think he’s a bit of a joke, he’s been the only one with the guts to come out and say it.

  • WHMay

    I think it’s funny where he reaches in to grab Trump by his Reece’s Pieces. I was waiting for the piñata to split open and start the redistribution of candy.

  • Cyberats

    The focus from Corporations abusing illegal immigrants for 60+ years is diverted onto Racism again.
    Donald Trump is a hypocrite because he speaks against it, while his corporations definitely profited from it.