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Liberals’ Heads Exploding Over Major Garrett Ruining Obama’s Iranian Nuke Party

There was one reporter who wasn’t afraid to challenge Obama this afternoon and he’s getting a lot of grief over it. Here’s the exchange:

How dare he ask on the behalf of American hostages! Doesn’t he know the reporters are there to praise and worship at the feet of their Marxist lord and savior President Gullibility?!?

So they’re freaking out:

I wonder how the American hostages feel about his asking that question.

Poor Obama, can’t stand being challenged.

‘The Deal Is a HISTORIC MISTAKE’ – Netanyahu Responds to Nuke Deal Announcement
  • jeanee5tam

    Obama’s not there to help Americans you silly…… dare Major Garrett ask that question!! LOL those commenting not Americans I take it??

  • I see that Little Green Footballs is as much of an idiot as ever.

  • Stephen Abbott

    Obama couldn’t endure the questioning Dan Rather subjected Nixon to, nor the questions Sam Donaldson asked of the first Bush. Of course Democrats are never subjected to an adversarial press.

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  • Deserttrek

    he was scared of the answer which is he doesn’t care about the Americans and want to get stoned and watch tv

  • Pat

    Dictators have a hard time with criticism. The American hostages are not black so they’re not worth his time. Obama isn’t interested in the San Francisco murder either because the victim was white. Clearly Obama is the most racist driven president we have EVER had and black racist liberals are just lapping it up like honey and relishing every moment of it. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of black people today.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Who dares question the Black Messiah?

  • hazmat

    Kudos to Msjor Garrett!!

    Effing Leftists, open the door to ILLEGALS and abandon American Citizens.

  • clearthinker

    How dare Garret say the emperor has no clothes. obama bristled at the audacious nature of the question. For a second there, I thought little obama was going to pull a Boehner and start crying. Good for you Major Garret, you did journalism proud today.

  • John Thompson

    remember all the love the left showed Bush

  • HB

    Obama, the Highest ranking Constiutional Traitor this country has never see in its history.
    And i know 51% of my “neighbors” are the same.
    Our fellow americans have sold out this nation and those that fought and died for it.

  • dkag7

    The MSM liberal press are now cannibalizing themselves over who can defend there hero, ovomit, the most.
    Beyond pathetic.

  • TiranuSaurus

    This president doesn’t have an iota of integrity in him, doesn’t know how to lead, I doubt very much if he’s even aware of his immediate surroundings.

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  • Kenyan Mocker

    We get a deserter for 5 high level Taliban ……….
    We get to leave US citizens behind when making a deal to release $150 BILLION and keep Iran on the path to nukes.

    Obama is so thin skinned it’s a good thing he has bones or he’d be like a puddle of Jello.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    MLK devoted his life to show that character counted more than the color of a person’s skin.
    Obama and company have trashed his legacy.

  • Kenyan Mocker

    Loved the one comment about Garrett no longer working for Fox.
    “You can take the reporter out of Fox, but you can’t take the Fox out of the reporter”
    They don’t realize the complement they gave showing that good reporters are consistent in asking tough questions that expose the corruption.

  • Lee Lee

    Preezy pajama boy fumbled….badly

  • Roger Bournival

    Charles Johnson of LGF deleted my account there when he found me posting at Patterico & Tim Blair’s site. Thanks, old buddy!

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  • plaingolf

    Hey nice sound bite but you should read up on your American presidential history. Obama doesn’t hold a candle to Lyndon Johnson who used white guilt to create a massive government/public sector under the guise of helping those poor “niggers” as he called them.

  • DeadMessenger

    But yet, we handed over a captive Iranian scientist, and Barry doesn’t bother to even ask for American captives. That guy is totally wee-wee’d up.