Staten Island SHUT DOWN After ARMED Muslim Women Spotted; UPDATE! Just Paintballin’!

A man caught what appear to be four Muslims pointing weapons around in a parking lot on Staten Island. The photos have prompted authorities to search for the people and shut down various streets.



Some are saying these are just paintball guns, but you don’t hold them that way without the paintball hopper. If that’s what they’re doing it’s very foolish to do out in the open on the day after a Muslim attack within the month of Ramadan.


Thank Jesus, it was just paintballers:

Well that’s the best outcome. I don’t think officials overreacted for the reasons above. I’m just glad it was resolved.

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  • gastorgrab

    OK, fine. They are just paint ball guns.

    But aren’t those still highly illegal in the state of New York (along with gun-shaped poptarts)?

  • gastorgrab

    And by the way, when you break the little orange piece off the end of a toy gun you forfeit the right to complain about being harassed.

    They should feel fortunate that the investigator who first spotted them had a camera and not a gun. A police officer is fully justified in defending himself if he reasonable believes his life is in danger.

  • Maybe a trial run with paintball guns instead of the real thing? It doesn’t matter. After what happened in Chattanooga yesterday this stunt is the ultimate in stupidity. These fools are very lucky that a cop did not see them and possibly shoot their ass.

  • glo1934

    KILL THEM ON SIGHT and LOAD THE REST ON CATTLE CARS, TAKE THEM TO THE OCEAN and LET THEM SWIM BACK TO THEIR SHITHOLES that they came from: EVERY FUCKING MUSLIM SHOULD BE KICKED THE FUCK OUT OF HE USA; There is NO SUCH thing as a GOOD MUSLIM; Thomas Jefferson said that in 1786 that the ONLY GOOD MUSLIM is a DEAD MUSLIM and that the only way to deal with ISLAM was to KILL EVERYONE ONE OF THEM UNTIL THERE WAS NOT ONE LEFT; It’s too bad that they didn’t carry it out at that time.

  • cindy

    This was done on purpose for their intelligence, in gathering information for their behave ……

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Ummm, a slim possibility this was poorly thought out hijinks yet my little inner voice says they are testing/taunting us, its what muzz do.

  • pathfinder

    Why do I get the impression they were fishing for a lawsuit? If nothing happens, they get to scare the bejeezus out of people; if something does: “we’re just poor little Muslims who are being profiled, discriminated against!”.
    That seems to be the MO.