“He’s a War Hero Because He Was Captured. I Like People That WEREN’T CAPTURED” – Trump

Yikes. Trump took a swipe at John McCain today in a way that is really upsetting a lot of people.

Watch below:

Some responses on Twitter:

This defense of his comments is actually pretty good considering…

I don’t really care much for McCain myself, but this seems like a low blow at his military service.

Three Days Before Shooting, Muslims Staged Protest in Chattanooga Against ‘American Taliban’
  • formwiz

    He’s stuck his foot in it before and, if Junior weren’t one of Chuckie Schumer’s Republicans, the media would just giggle;.for those interested, here’s some background on what The Donald may have meant.

    I was willing to give him props for sticking it out in the Hanoi Hilton, but the link changes that.


  • pathfinder

    It goes back to the notion of sticking to your target, or targeting everybody: “I like people that weren’t captured.” goes after a lot more people than just John McCain. (and yeah, McCain’s military service isn’t the main reason I’ve heard Republicans dislike him — in fact, sometimes it seems to be the only thing they can find to stomach him).
    It was a d-bag comment.
    But I will give him this: people on the right have got to seriously reconsider the unquestioning hero worship of military folks, and I say that as someone who served and from a family of people serving. Not every person who dons the uniform is an admirable person, and to be honest “thank you for your service” while appreciated to a point, starts to wear thin after a while.

  • PurpleFaithful

    Hero gets thrown around a bit much. The guys In Chattanooga are not heros for getting shot down imo. Martyrs or rallying cries or relate-able. Cop who gunned him down, if that is how It went down, is more of a hero. Otherwise all victims are hero and the word has no meaning. Same with being captured or killed In war. The goal is to capture or kill the enemy- seems that would be more heroic. Exceptions to sacrificing yourself to save your fellow troops.

  • PurpleFaithful

    Well stated

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