God bless you you degenerate leftist liberals the Netroots conference! Only you could freak out because Martin O’Malley would dare say “white lives matter,” and then demand an apology for it! And you got one!!


Here’s video of the spineless race-mongerer apologizing for his hurtful words!

LOL! That is SO wonderful! Now if this were a Republican, they’d demand the other candidates answer if they thought white lives matter too, but of course, no one will ask that of Hillary. Still amazing.

Covering Up EVIL: Washington Post Changes Planned Parenthood Headline From ‘Organ Harvesting’ to ‘Research’
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  • gastorgrab

    I think the Black Marxists should field their own candidate this election cycle.

    ‘Whitey’ obviously cant represent their interests.

  • JohnEffKerry

    So much fun to watch Liberals twist themselves up in pretzel logic!

  • Maroon Baboon

    “He says that he had used the phrase b4 at a NAN conference 3 months ago and failed to keep up w shifting lexicon.”

    -Orwell couldn’t have written it better.

  • Alphabet_Soup

    Maybe they could enlist calypso louis – he can’t be any worse than Øbongo.

  • bob

    So white lives don’t matter? Apparently Martin Luther King wouldn’t fit in today. He called for equality. Blacks today don’t want equality. they want superiority.

  • bob

    to quote Michelle O ” black lies matter”.

  • Feet2Fire

    LOL!! He failed to keep up with the shifting lexicon. HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

    That darned shifting lexicon will get you every time! PC wins again!

    P.S. Better a shifting lexicon than a shifty Mexican, eh, Sooper?! LOL. :DD

  • Carter_Burger67

    We now see who the democrat base is. If people were paying attention, they would never win another election in our lifetimes.

  • newsel

    What more needs to be said? What a POS.

    “Here’s video of the spineless race-mongerer apologizing for his hurtful words!

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