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Hillary’s New Poll Numbers Are So AWFUL, Chris Cuomo Thinks Biden Could Save The Dems! LOL!

CNN’s resident genius Chris Cuomo is so worried about the Democrats after today’s new polling that shows Hillary imploding, that he wants to pull JOE BIDEN away from his day job of inappropriately touching congressman’s daughters and wives, and stick HIM into the primary race!

Watch below:

That is fantastic.

Also really early on, look for this incredible moment when they look at each other mournfully about the terrible polling:

chris cuomo and other

Yes. It’s that bad. LOL!

UH OH! Black activists angry at Bernie Sanders for screwing up his RACE-BAITING tweet!!
  • Michael Onoo

    Trump doesn’t need to comment on Hillary she excels at destroying herself

  • The lefts intentional negligence of presenting Jeb Bush’s opinion on Trump, is deafening. As they protect Barrack Obama, they protect Jeb Bush.

  • They need to save those faces for election night

  • chiplitfam5

    Well Duh, she is a criminal. Go Trump!!!

  • RageHard84

    I’ve not even seen too many campaign ads yet. I don’t want to be mean but I’m not a big fan of Clinton or Bush.

  • R_of_the_H

    Yea, she can take care of herself.
    Trump doesnt have to run any cainpaign ads either. As much as he is in the headlines why would anyone.
    He is the media’s crack.

  • Pat

    The CNN male host refers to Trump supporters as “the rabid faithful”. How sweet! There’s no liberal media bias here, right? Perhaps the “rabid faithful” and the “bitter clingers” (as Obama describes Americans) will join forces to defeat these scumbags!!! I hope Biden runs because then the democrat infighting will be murderously delicious!!!

  • Percival

    Chris Cuomo thinking? Sorry, he’s not equipped.

  • AmericanHeretic

    America’s election nightmare — Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. God help us!

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