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FCC Should FINE People For ‘MISGENDERING’ Transgenders, Says NBC’s ‘Black Contributor’

I’ve never heard of this nutty lady but she thinks that everyone should be fined by the FCC if they dare “misgender” a transgender person. That’s the loony liberal term for referring to a transgendered person with pronouns they don’t prefer.

Watch below:

It’s kinda funny now, but I wouldn’t doubt if our imperious president just commands by executive fiat that this standard be imposed. Elections have consequences, people. I for one, welcome our tranny overlords.

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  • Cimmy Jarter

    I just heard the thought police pull up.

  • Frank

    Unfortunately, you only hear them when they are breaking in the door to arrest you for watching “Dukes of Hazzard”…

  • BadBruceLorraine

    And I was concerned I wasn’t going to get my fill of f**king idiots today.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    Wait for it.

  • @bradoplata

    If blacks do it, will they be able to Sharpton out of paying the fine?

  • marcus tullius cicero

    ….Pander much?

  • Frank Belluardo

    Trust me, you won’t run out anytime soon

  • Chunkdog1

    I sure wouldn’t want to make a mistake. So from now on, I’ll just refer to them as “it” or “that thing”.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    Oh, it’s Harris-Perry again. All five people watching laughed their asses off.

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