Koch ‘Puppets!’ – Trump Uses Harry Reid Tactic Against Republicans!

The Trumpinator went on the march via phone through the Sunday morning shows, and then he tweeted this to mock the candidates who went to a Koch Brothers event this weekend:

BOOM! I guess. The five who went to the event were Ted Cruz, Jeb! Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina. This is the advantage that Trump has – as a billionaire he can fund his own campaign while the other candidates have to necessarily go on fundraising trips.

Anyone bothered that he’s taking the Harry Reid tactic against Republicans?

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  • TrueManJackson390

    Yes. The Democrat Party fund their activities straight out of the national treasury (ACORN and their progeny, federal unionized employees) foreign governments (Clintons pull from the Red Chinese Army with go between Charlie Tre) in exchange for national defense secrets and technology, foreign billionaire money manipulators who have a history of collaboration with the Nazi’s in Europe in the 1930’s (George Soros) and this billionaire hedge fund manage Tom Steyer who has declared war on energy. Plus all the Arab petrol dollars Obama and Clinton have received for campaigns and a “Presidential Library”. Oh yes. And Warren Buffett who is trying to keep those oil trains rolling, no matter how much damage they do to the environment and how many people they kill.
    The little ole Republican Party has the Koch brothers who are trying to put 10,000 people to work bringing oil to the USA in a pipeline and lower the cost of fuel for all Americans. Yet they’re the billionaires the media talks about incessantly. The Harry Reid sycophant media.

  • GrimmCreeper

    It won’t be long before the Donald’s act starts getting old.