Shenanigans!! GOP Debate Moderators Refuse To Accept Scientific SMOTUS Poll Results!

gop debates

I call shenanigans!! I was getting all my GOP presidential debate prep ready:

…when we were contacted and told that our SMOTUS approval poll would not meet their standards, and the SooperMexican Of The United States would NOT be included in the debates!!! Racists!!

How could this be considered unscientific? It was taken in 2013 with more than FIVE THOUSAND votes – that’s WAY more than most political polls!! And I’m pretty sure these gringos were chosen at random.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 3.40.43 PM
Do they even science, bro?!

View the entire polling results here. 

The SooperBlog has contacted our SooperLawyers and when they’re done siesta-ing we will consider taking legal actions against somebody at random.

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  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Do you use grammatically incorrect Spanish on purpose or is that you are not a real Mejicano?

  • BigGator5

    As one of your SooperLawyers, I recommend you get very drunk for the debate.

  • Hooray for Captain Spaulding

    Que te importa? Desde cuando le importa a un Romano quien es Mexicano de verdad?

  • Hooray for Captain Spaulding

    You forgot to say “With weapons-grade tequila”

  • As a SooperSupporter I will follow your recommendation with enthusiasm.

  • Wat? Choo don lak de way we spik mano?

  • Estoy de acuerdo. Suena como un gringo policía gramática.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Spanish is a beautiful language, just because there are ignorant people in Mejico, as well as in the US, doesn’t mean a Language has to be butchered!

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Born in Milano, Italy and studied in Spain…Taught Italian and Spanish for 29 years… Naturalized in 1989, love my adopted country and also the countries that are part of my life… No soy gringo ni romano. pero no es justo insultar mucha gente sin culpabilidad!

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …Su Espanol es terrible, suena como de una persona que no aprendio mucho en secundaria.

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  • It’s a southwestern thing and the only people who get offended by the word are either thin skinned or do not understand our local culture. Another example you would not know about in the local lingo is I am a coyote, a half breed who is part Hispanic and part gringo, or white if you prefer. It’s just a word, I am a half breed so it is the truth, so why get all hot and bothered about it?

    Spanish is a beautiful language but if you go anywhere in the world other than Spain you will hear a bastardized version of it. Have you ever tried to talk to someone from Cuba? Or any of the South American countries? I have and half the time I cannot understand what they are trying to say. Even in Mexico there is a difference in the Spanish spoken in the southern part of the country and the northern part. If you call someone from here a pendejo you just called him an a**hole but to someone who understands a more traditional Spanish you just called him stupid. The differences are the same, no matter where you go in the world.

  • BigGator5

    I thought that was implied.