Illegal Alien Teen Tries To RUN OVER POLICE, BURNS Cop Car; Says He’s Angry About Deportations

A 16-year-old illegal alien went on a crime spree aimed at harming Texas police and says that he was motivated by anger at America’s immigration policy deporting Mexicans back to Mexico!

Watch below:

Imagine if this had been a Tea Party member who attacked police over immigration, do you think it might make more headlines?

More from the Pearland Journal:

A 16-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested Saturday (August 1) after he allegedly set fire to a Precinct 4 deputy constable’s patrol car at the Precinct 4 building in Manvel.

 While on scene, Deputies saw a maroon Ford F150 four-door truck pull into the parking lot and they reportedly noticed that the suspect was acting suspicious.

The teenager then allegedly pointed a .22 caliber rifle from his car window as a deputy was approaching. The deputy pulled his weapon and retreated to his patrol vehicle. The suspect fled the scene and a pursuit began.

The pursuit lasted about 35 minutes, leaving Brazoria County, going into Ft. Bend County, and back to Brazoria County, where it ended at FM 518 and Kingsley Dr. in Pearland.

During the pursuit, the suspect swerved at two motorcycle officers who were escorting a funeral. One officer’s motorcycle was struck, but no officers were injured.

The suspect lost control of his vehicle and again pulled the rifle on the deputies. Deputies were able to take the suspect into custody without firing any weapons.

This kid was lucky he wasn’t shot down. Apparently he made a statement about why he did it:

He also reportedly said that the incident was about a war against the government because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is always sending Mexicans back to Mexico for no reason, and they are the ones here in America doing all the work.

The suspect was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Public Service with a deadly weapon, Possession of a controlled substance, Evading arrest with a vehicle, and Arson, which are all felonies.

The suspect’s name has not been released due to his minor status.

In a different report from KTRK news, they report that he said “police are always killing people and nothing happens to them.” That sounds to me like he was listening to “Black Lives Matter” anti-law enforcement extremists.

Where do we hear rhetoric that it’s immoral for America to deport illegal aliens? Sounds like MTV’s favorite illegal alien Jose Vargas or Representative Gutierrez to me. But will they be blamed for the “culture of hate” that made this kid try to kill police officers? NO. Because in Obama’s America, illegals’ lives matter, and cops’ lives don’t at all.

  • Dave

    Here it continues! Keep the stories coming on these lawless roaches.

  • UnCL3

    ha! Whites are SOOO raycis, the eses can’t wait to invade….

  • gastorgrab

    “He also reportedly said that the incident was about a war against the
    government because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is always
    sending Mexicans back to Mexico for no reason, and they are the ones here in America doing all the work”


    I wonder if serial killers ever tried to claim that their string of murders were retaliation for “the discriminatory practices of police against people of color”?

    It’s almost as if some people believe that ‘Progressive culture’ is the rightful authority of the USA, and it’s the job of the liberal-left to reign in the lawless behavior of the US legal system.

  • This is one we shouldn’t deport until he has had a taste of the Texas prison system. I figure about a year of it and he will be glad to go back to Mexico. Don’t mess with Texas, they don’t mess with criminals.

  • Michael Onoo

    I spent thousands to bring my wife to the USA. Lots of night jobs to pay advocate.

  • InVinoVeritas

    This one need an ass full of buckshot.

  • CountMontyC

    Give him 10 years in prison, deport him and let him know if he ever returns to the USA he will spend 20 years in prison

  • The Serf

    I don’t get the Mexican self-entitlement mentality in the US.

    Is it because of losing the Mexican-American War?

    Is is a because Mexico was run by a fascist dictatorship for most of its history?

    What kind of mindset do you have to have to enter another country illegally and NOT think you will get deported?

    No other nationality is as self-entitled as the Mexican. It is mind-boggling.

    Perhaps Sooper Mexican can enlighten us though I doubt he can speak for every Chicano in America.

  • I think you’re over simplifying things. Not all think like this douchebag does. Certainly many do. Are they any more entitled than Americans? Then why are socialist Democrats so popular? Can’t blame it all on skin color.

  • The Serf

    Sorry, but I remember when the first amnesty was proposed in the mid-2000s, every major US city was swamped with illegals from Mexico carrying their own flags.

    I don’t recall seeing too many Irish, Canadian, Chinese, or Indian illegals with flags demanding any right to squat on US soil and be rewarded with that privilege with visas, work permits, and eventually citizenship.

    Where is the Irish, Russian, or Indian equivalent of the Aztlan or Mexica reconquista movement in the US?

  • There isn’t any real reconquista movement. That’s a boogeyman taught by people who want to vilify Mexican immigrants. Most don’t know or care about that history. The people who push reconquista are Marxists who learned it in American colleges. The vast majority of those are citizens.

  • The Serf

    Seriously, there is no such thing as the Mexica and Aztlan movements and that is just propaganda from the right? La Mecha movement in the universities are all right-wing fabrications?

    Perhaps I am deluded.

    I didn’t know that the right had so much power to create these organizations just to make Mexicans look bad.

    Why can’t we just disagree?

    You don’t think Mexican illegals are more entitled than any other illegal alien group and I think there is a lot of prima facie evidence to the contrary.

    I was just asking you why.

    You answered.


  • I didn’t say none at all. It’s just not what you think it is.
    I was raised in a very poor Mexican community with a lot of illegals and I don’t remember anyone talking about it ever. I could lie and tell you otherwise but it’s just not in my experience.

  • The Serf

    I live in a community of Latinos right now, I don’t know who is illegal or not, because I think that it is racist to assume one way or another, but there is definitely a strong Mexican nationalist movement here. My state politician is Chicano and he even refuses to say the pledge of allegiance to the US.

    Perhaps I am just paranoid.

  • And I think all of that is stupid and I’m against it. Why not focus on that instead of accusing groups of being “the most entitled”? Does that help the cause at all or just discourage those of us who would otherwise agree?

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  • I praise all that come here legally. I despise those that do not and then break more of our laws with stunts like this. Those are the ones I do not see fit as being even a little bit trust worthy to live in this country. If they can violate one law, I don’t expect them to obey other laws. Civilized countries have laws, that’s how it works. Follow them or don’t bother coming here. If only we had enough politicians that believed that and used that standard.