Airhead Celeb Tries To Zing Trump By Saying All Latinos Do Is CLEAN TOILETS

We should have known that if you asked Kelly Osbourne what she thought about Trump that she’d come up with a terribly stupid response, and she didn’t disappoint with her comment that really seems rather kinda racist against Latinos! LOL!

Watch below:

In the extended video you can see how Rosie Perez is immediately offended but everyone else runs to keep the show going and “move along nothing to see here!”

It’s because they know she’s just a stupid liberal and they’re gonna cover for her. Had a conservative said that, they’d jump down her throat. Rosie even apologized on Twitter and at the end of the show:

As of right now “latinos” is trending, and for a good reason:


AND with that idiotic statement, she’s basically saying that she believes all Latinos are illegal.

This reminds me of that idiot former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who actually yelled “we clean your toilets!” at a Latino rally. That’s what Democrats think of us, they just accidentally say it out loud every now and then.

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  • Jerry Cross

    I thought she meant Mexicans were only good for cleaning toilets.

  • Lou Hodges

    Well she’s a celebrity. She’s more entitled to your opinion than you

  • Jon monroy

    Not true. I am Hispanic. I have been a high profile photographer. I have owned my own business and employed several others in my same line of work. I served in the USAF AND Lord knows you need to be pretty intelligent to have that type of career. So its not true. We don’t just clean toilets.

  • gastorgrab

    Rosie Perez: “My apologies @KellyOsbourne, I took your point wrong”


    Bullshit! You would never extend that same courtesy to a ‘non-Progressive’.

    Normally, anything the left cant twist into a special-interest slur, they do. Especially where the statement clearly shows ZERO bias against that special interest. Guilt or innocence is purely a matter of political affiliation. If the statement supports the ‘Social Justice’ distortion of reality, the statement is excused. If it exposes social justice as the nonsense it truly is, then the statement is attacked as “RACIST!!!!”


  • Tricky Dick

    Most liberals are closet racists. They talk one thing in public but in their minds and hearts all other races are inferior to them and are only worthy of such things as gardening and cleaning their toilets. Scumbags!

  • pathfinder

    Once again the mask slips. Does this make Rosie Perez a useful idiot? Because I think it does. (Kelly is just a generic idiot.)
    When one of the “heroes” of your side is Margaret Sanger, then the sort of virulent racism that would make Adolf go all soft and gooey is sort of baked into the cake — they only like their class of lily white people; always have, always will.

  • Señora Speedy Gonzalez

    Ay my little Kelly, you better be careful, we only pretend we don’t speak English. We know where you dirty chonies have been. Excuse me now, I have to get back to cleaning toilets! Pinche racist liberals!! This is how they have always viewed everyone from South America and this is how they want to keep us! Pinches!

  • 20thCenturyVole

    The View? Is that POS still on the air?

  • Kelly Zat

    I don’t know what pisses me off more. Kelly Osbourne’s racist bullshit or Rosie Perez’s apology for taking her point wrong. WTF Rosie? You didn’t take it wrong, she was a racist ass.

  • You are exactly right. Think about the typical liberal positions: welfare, affirmative action, slavery reparations, out-of-state tuition for illegals – what do they all contain? Disrespect. Liberals look out for the “little people” because the “little people” are too dumb, ignorant, helpless, and feckless to help themselves. They NEED liberal help, and liberals NEED to help. Don’t get caught in the sympathy trap of feeling sorry for yourself, because liberalism is a Venus flytrap.

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