‘Donald Trump Is NOT A Conservative’ – Andrew Breitbart in 2011

I doubt this will make much of a difference to the Trumpeteers because they seem impervious to reason and facts, but Andrew Breitbart himself denied Donald Trump’s “conservatism” in 2011.

Watch below:

This is especially ironic since the website using his name are vehement Trump supporters, and even went so far as to push the “cuckservative” racist epithet that some Trumpeteers use.

What a sad insult to a great man.

Hillary Corners Vote Of Morons Who Can’t Spell ‘President’
  • worker1950

    Trump went into the debate #1 and should have anticipated tough and maybe even unfair questions. Two things were very obvious. 1- Trump was totally unprepared, having no idea how to actually implement any of his positions. 2- Trump will NEVER support the GOP candidate and will eventually run as a 3rd party candidate. The RNC needs to cut Trump loose now.

    Yes, Trump obviously has supporters who like the current megalomaniac in the WH will defend him no matter what he says or does. But these folks were never going to vote for the GOP candidate anyway. They are the ones who stay at home and then spend the next 4 or 8 years complaining about Liberal policies and the Progressive judges they helped to put in place.

    Let The Donald start spending his billions forming the ‘Trump-I’m-god-you-stupid-party’. Good luck.

  • placitas

    Too bad that since Andrew’s death his site has become an unreadable Trump sewer. The present management has run the site into the ground. Pathetic. God, how I miss Andrew Breitbart.

  • I heard someone on YouTube say that there needs to be an IQ test before voting. Both left and right. It’s pretty scary the amount of blind support for Trump. Lets see how strong the support is after a couple more debates.

  • pathfinder

    The IQ test would be a bad idea: a lot of the professors and teachers my wife works with would pass it — and they are not wise. I can understand the motive, but if a person stops and thinks about the implications.
    I tend to follow Breitbart (the man) — he could be said to have some wisdom; truly sad what his site has turned into. There are some on there who still seem worth a #$%^, but they’re becoming rare.

  • Better yet, maybe a civics test. But, then again, people would then say I was trying to block others from voting.

  • Snakes on a Car

    Any barrier to voting would be a net benefit to the right wing.
    Lumpenproles almost always vote for free stuff.

  • pathfinder

    I’m thinking more along the line of the oath of allegiance…and even that isn’t failproof.
    As for the lumpenproles: who would you rather? A poor, working class slob who doesn’t wish ill on his/her country, who basically loves their country even…or a highly educated somebody who pulls in a high 5, low 6 salary who has come out on record and said they hate the U.S., and love the idea of “fundamentally transforming it”…including a deep desire to get rid of those lumpenproles who have “bad thoughts”? ( those folks the right wing seem to look down upon just as badly as the left does now, I guess because they don’t make enough money — a lot of them don’t vote for more free stuff; a lot of them are socially conservative, and thus aren’t as keen on liberals as one would think[; I realize social cons, especially working class poor ones, are now the stepchildren of the GOP, but like some other groups: it’s kinda stupid to shove them aside; they vote — and a lot of them are loyal citizens and that’s got to count for something; maybe it doesn’t…maybe well to do middle class people who have voted in Obama, Clinton, and seem to just love Bernie are more in order….they aren’t on welfare, and they can probably pass a civics exam or an standardized IQ test…and they know their way around a wine list or craft beer tasting….yeah, they’re probably better suited to be voting).

    As for civics: well, it would be nice if they actually taught it anymore — guess who I blame for that (hint: it ain’t the lumpenproles — they’ve been taught that their “betters” know what’s better for them…and their “betters” don’t think civics classes, or any other education of merit, is what’s good for them).

    And yeah, I realize I’m being a bit of a snot here, but this is the same issue as the whole “cuckservative” racist stuff — running people off because they aren’t making enough money or can’t afford to live in the “right areas” or go to the “right schools” is a bad idea, as bad as running them off because they’re the wrong skin color. For one thing it’s kinda dishonorable, or at least unAmerican — on a more pragmatic note: pretty soon you run fresh out of friends and your little tribe is just a little too small to fend off the wolves.

  • Trump is conservative enough. He’d take on the $18T in debt. He’d repeal Obamacare and allow people to purchase insurance across state lines. He’d do many things that are conservative. Andrew might change his opinion of Trump if he were still alive to see him now.

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  • ding08yobaby

    Trump’s supporters don’t believe there are ANY conservatives in the race. They don’t see any difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    These are moderate, secular, working class voters who would have supported Reagan, a former Democrat who would not get the modern Republican party’s nomination. The country has changed since the 80s and since 2011, as well.

  • ding08yobaby

    You won’t find out anything about these candidates based on debates with 10 people on the stage, and Trump has held his lead through all of them while attracting significantly larger audiences. The 2012 debates between Romney and Obama got 3 million viewers, and the first FOX debate of 2016 got 24 million.

  • ding08yobaby

    That would be ironic, Booker T. Washington.

  • big red

    booker, PRES. TRUMP will win and dump the trash in DC.