It’s ON Now!! Trump Threatens ‘Black Lives Matter’ And They RESPOND On Social Media!!

The Trumpinator specifically called out the “Black Lives Matter” protesters in a press conference today, after calling Bernie Sanders “weak” and “disgusting” for letting them drive him off his own stage.

Watch below:

Well, the threat was heard loud and clear and BLM supporters are responding on social media:



Let’s get ready to rrrrrummmble!!!

Cop Uses TWEETS As Evidence To Arrest Ferguson Protester!! LOL!
  • RightWingPooFlinger

    Trump has armed bodyguards. This should be fun.

  • Kelly Zat

    Well, I actually would put my money on Trump. He seems like he’d have more than a couple of befuddled old hippies in bright orange vests holding down security. Either way, it’s gonna be fun.

    Actually if BLM does screw the pooch at an event and it goes national in a big way it may be good for not just Trump but the GOP so Goldie and Chris ‘I wet my pants on TV every night’ Hayes should keep talking. How Chris Hayes has not had an on air mental break with reality I have no idea.

  • Pat

    and Trump will keep rising in the polls… Blacks don’t vote for Republicans anyway so Trump has nothing to lose by kicking a few BLM asses. His polling numbers will skyrocket with whites who are sick and tired of these pathetic black nazi’s whining about how bad they have it.

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  • Uncle Bob

    Will Dana White have this on PPV? Or will it be free?

  • RDRR

    I hope he delivers a smackdown to these feral idiots! And I hope it starts a nationwide movement. Once these witless little twits stop backing down from them, all that bluster will go right down the toilet!

  • Elvisluver63

    I have a simple math question. if Blacks represent ONLY 12% of the population….why oh why are they holding the majority of Americans HOSTAGE? they act like animals….yet they expect us to care about or listen to their message. they troll around the country bought and paid for by George soros……NOBODY CARES! I am sick and tired of paying for their food clothing shelter medical heat and whatever els they think Whitey owes them! Go the fuck away….if life is so tough…..leave America…..most would be soooo happy and relieved to not have their cities destroyed….not having roads blocked sooooo hard working Americans can get home to their families after working all day. Oh and quit looting and destroying black businesses to are busting their ass to achieve the American Dream instead if sucking on the teat of most Americans!

  • jukin

    This take no SJW BS is why Trump is in the lead. As said up thread, this will only increase his popularity.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    With Trumps ability to buy all of the security in the world and form his own army you’re going to do what? Bwahahahaha, laughing at stupid people being stupid.

  • The Serf

    The most Trump has to fear from the #BLM is if one of the fat black chicks mistakes Donald’s hair for a small animal and tries to eat him.

  • Hunter

    Just keep some watermelon, chicken and free crack out front, the chimps will never go past the front door

  • RageHard84

    There are a lot of factors. First off, there are white folks who feel like they owe the black community because of their white guilt. Second, welfare is abused by folks of all colors.

  • pathfinder

    yes, but this takes the Democrats’ focus off their little intramural fight between BLM and the wealthy white hippies — a cat fight I would have preferred went on a bit longer (plus BLM had just had a disappointing meeting with Hillary, or so they said…that could have been useful to allow to fester for a bit

  • pathfinder

    I think the days of whites feeling like they owe blacks anything is coming to a close — hence all the problems.
    The left wing has always used them to help the left’s agenda — now they are no longer necessary…the blacks are in the process of being discarded, and they realize it. Just as the white working class immigrants were used by the left before them. The left turns to Latinos as their new blacks, and gays and Muslims are their new favorite pets (I don’t know how it will work out — Latinos aren’t as consolidated a bloc as blacks have been, so they may get discarded quickly if the left doesn’t feel they can control them enough; Muslims have their own agenda and are going to use the left to try and get it).
    I feel sorry for the decent people; I worry about my country.

  • RageHard84

    Interesting you say that. It seems like white working class folks have become conservative, maybe the same’s going to happen with blacks. I could believe that Latinos aren’t as consolidated as blacks. I mean, Latinos have a lot of different ethnic groups, and I know one of these (Cubans) is more conservative. Gays and Muslims have become favored by the left, and like you said the Muslims have their own agenda. Another thing too, Islam teaches homosexuality is a sin, just like Judaism and Christianity. This could cause problems for the left. I can’t say I’ll feel particularly sorry for the gays if too many Muslims get radicalized and said radicals get powerful politically, but straight non-Muslims of all races I will feel sorry for.

  • pathfinder

    Whether blacks become conservative or become liberal (my experience has been that most I have had dealings with have never been comfortable with the left’s social policies; most blacks I’ve met are very traditional in their outlook in regards to how society should function), it would be great if they became a little bit harder to corral into a voting bloc, a voting bloc which really doesn’t give voice to what the majority of that group really wants. This has been one of the biggest problems with the so-called “black community” in my experience (I say “so-called” because it’s ridiculous to lump everybody into such a generic category simply due to the color of their skin — it doesn’t provide for the specifics of an individual life). It leads them into being taken advantage of and dependent upon some outside agency — if that psychological hold was ever broken, then imhao they as a group would be much better off. Latinos aren’t as consolidated for the very reason you mention: they encompass a large assortment of ethnic groups which differ quite a bit in background and experience and preferences — think the southern and eastern Europeans (with the Jews and Christians from the Levant thrown in). My hope is that this group doesn’t allow itself to get used by either side, doesn’t get lumped into one generic category — people should be free to make their own choices and vote that conscience. Again, my experiences have shown me that it will be very difficult to do this (as an aside my children, along with my wife just got labelled “white hispanic/latino” by the hospital and the school — they have now been officially recorded as “white hispanics”; my wife is Italian, and I have one of those odd German names that to an English speaker I suppose doesn’t look all that German….the wife has been having fun with both the hospital and the school in regards to just what the definition of Latino really is and just how does one manage to describe an Hispanic person in regards to their physical characteristics — the authorities are having a hard time closing the box thanks to our son, who inherited a very northern euro complexion in comparison to his olive-skinned, brunette sisters). Such instances may eventually force us to look at something beyond race…I hope.
    Islam’s stance on homosexuality is a bit more nuanced; they don’t like homosexuals, but the thing is that they don’t like the bottoms — tops get more of a pass than some might think.

  • RageHard84

    True, it’s not good to paint a group with the same brush. I was referring to the majority. Some say that one thing that helps Dems win the majority of the black vote is social programs.
    Latinos are an interesting case as far as I know. Besides there being several different Latin American nations, there are the fact that many of these nations have differing ethnicities withihn. There are Native Americans, European-descent Latinos (like the pope) and African-descent Latinos. And mixtures, of course. I actually had a Mexican professor who had a light complexion and blond hair.
    Many English speakers who aren’t of Dutch or German descent mistake my surname for a German one when it’s actually Dutch.
    My understanding regarding homosexuality in Islam is that it’s a sin according to the Koran and Hadith. However, some Islamic-majority ethnic groups (like the Pashtuns in Afghanistan) have cultural practices which, well, are sinful to not only Muslims but Jews, Christians and Mormons as well. I don’t understand why they still have them.

  • pathfinder

    Dude, we both know that the Dutch are just Germans who take more drugs. That’s why the German they speak sounds so weird.
    It’s generally considered across most of the Islamic countries that while homosexuality is a sin, the really sinful ones are the “catchers” — the ones who play the dominant role tend to get let off more often and more easily.
    Yeah, there are several different groups that make up Hispanics (my wife didn’t get p’d until the nurse at the office asked my son if he was adopted…guess he didn’t “look white hiispanic” like my daughters did; yes, my wife asked them just what exactly an hispanic or latino was supposed to look like) — that could be a German from Brazil, but Latinos are pretty varied in their complexion…think the differences between a Catalan and a Sicilian and somebody from Suriname (actually, there isn’t one group on this planet that isn’t — look at a Dogon next to a Hutu, next to a Masai; they look very different; look at a Korean next to a Thai; look at an Irishman next to Greek, a lot of the time they don’t look alike and sometimes they will, but they don’t have the same culture or history). That’s why the whole “race/ethnicity” thing is sort of stupid…it lumps people together that are very different, and it says “you are just alike and will only be handled according to this arbitrary race category we assign you” — it’s bs and it’s wrong.

    But people have to push back against being categorized and treated as such.

  • Deserttrek

    ever seen trump’s security guys? tough looking doesn’t come close to these guys …. could turn very interesting

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  • RageHard84

    “Dude, we both know that the Dutch are just Germans who take more drugs. That’s why the German they speak sounds so weird.” I hope you’re joking. Drugs are more of a recent thing in the Netherlands, and there are a few differences in culture and history, even though the languages are similar.
    “It’s generally considered across most of the Islamic countries that
    while homosexuality is a sin, the really sinful ones are the ‘catchers’
    — the ones who play the dominant role tend to get let off more often
    and more easily.” Interesting. I wonder what kind of cultural dynamic is going on.
    Appearance-wise, groups mayn’t be terribly easy to tell apart. I don’t really know the difference between these different African tribes, most of my experience with blacks is with Afro-Americans who are unlikely to know which African country their forefathers came from. As for the other groups, I’m actually better at telling Asian ethnic groups apart than European ones. But even then it’s possible to err, my mother is Filipino and Chinese (more Filipino than Chinese) but many don’t guess her Filipino heritage.
    I think it’s good to know one’s heritage, but don’t assume everyone with a particular heritage is the same way.

  • pathfinder

    I am — used to hang out with a guy who was in the Dutch Air Force; he used to say “oh, don’t speak so harshly, you sound like a Nazi”, sometimes with a bicycle joke. It was good natured ribbing. Some words/sentences in Dutch and German are exactly alike (especially in the dialect my family is from) — the pronunciation is different though — hence the jokes.
    Him I could laugh with — when the actual neo-Nazis cozy up and want to call you bruder…that’s a different story.
    Exactly true about the heritage thing: people are different; slotting vast amounts of them into arbitrary racial/ethnic categories that supposedly represent everything about them is, well, one of the reasons my grandfather lost everything to get his family out of the fatherland.

  • RageHard84

    Nazis are definitely not good people. Some Dutch still resent Nazis for ww2.
    Did your family have Jewish or Slavic blood? I know those ethnic groups were persecuted by Nazis. But ethnic categorizing occurs in many places. From Germany in Europe to the Hutus and Tutsis in Africa to the Japanese who want less foreigners, it seems like ethnic categorizing is ironically an equal opportunity employer.

  • 20thCenturyVole

    That sounds like fun. Think Trump can afford a couple of leg-breakers?

  • pathfinder

    No, my grandfather merely stood by his initial impression of the corporal with his merry band of thugs and perverts and refused to take it back; one of his own brothers was a fanatic and promised to see that this attitude of his was taken care of — fortunately he got out before those people had gotten completely into power and the way out was closed (fortunately he had relatives in the States too; many were not so lucky) — he saw the handwriting on the wall.

  • RageHard84

    Ah, I see. He saw through the racism of the Nazis.

  • pathfinder

    No, he saw through their immorality.

  • jrmfila

    Don Solo appears to be a vile racist from the band, stereosleep. From the twitters, they appear to have a lot of racist views. He curses alot, and thinks his AA ‘masters’ degree makes him better than others.

  • RageHard84

    Good thing he did – ‘twould’ve sucked to have been forced to participate in their evil actions.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    You idiots looking to go to jail for a very long time, you don’t threaten a presidential candidate and get away with it in this country or any country. Your right to free speech ends at the door of someone else’s. Grow up before you ruin your lives even more than you already have.

  • cryandhowl

    I didn’t hear him say anything that shouldn’t have been said. I’m wondering how SOOPER would react if some punks took his mic? Probably like Sanders. Sanders and SOOPER have zero cods. Limp-wristed freaks.

  • Roy Mallmann

    I think that is kind of a noble act because maybe they will quit slugging Trump Supporters. To call the Republicans their enemy is total and COMPLETE IGNORANCE! All of the segregationists were DEMOCRATS. Martin Luther King was a Republican until JFK saved him from being killed by a Democrat segregationist Sheriff in Alabama. All of the Civil Rights Legislation was drafted, sponsored and passed by Republicans and forced President Johnson to sign it knowing they could over-ride his veto. The truth of the matter is and I wish somebody would post this, is that BLM and all of the Occupy whatever groups are not grass roots. They are being paid a lot of money to demonstrate and I am sure the Hillary Clinton campaign is behind it. This BLM is based on a lie and has become a domestic terrorist group, worse that the Black Panthers. These groups are afraid to see Donald Trump or any Republican elected because they know that afterwards they will not be able to break the law, beat up people and riot, like they can with impunity with this Democrat Crime Syndicate in power.

  • Roy Mallmann

    A huge group of bikers also promised to help defend him from this. Maybe it is time to get real.

  • Roy Mallmann

    I know how you fell but please remember, the majority of black folks work and are just like all of the rest of us. I love dealing with most black people as they have it together and think these thugs are an embarrassment I have a lot of friends and a lot of them just happen to be black..