Video: Walker Shouts Down Union Protester in Iowa

Scott Walker was confronted by some goon at his rally, but he used the power of the microphone to beat him down. Metaphorically.

He also said this to a reporter:

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  • @bradoplata

    What’s the over/under on that guy being a plant?

  • Kelly Zat

    Probably the same old SEIU plants that were around for OWS and the crap in Wisconsin. I keep telling my friends we really have to start using the Alinsky tactics against the left and they look at me like I’m nuts.

  • @bradoplata

    Lol at the wheelchair guys hired by protesters to be at protest.

  • BigGator5
  • I don’t know who this Kasie Hunt is but she isn’t very bright. If a kid is born here he/she is a citizen no matter what the immigration status of the parents. Walker said he would end the policy of anchor babies, which needs to be done. If they come here illegally, no matter what their age, they are still illegal aliens and should be deported with their parents. How hard is that to figure out? I thought Walkers answers were pretty clear, for a politician anyway.

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  • Pat

    Candidates that will make the best president are ones that can think and respond without a teleprompter or preparation. Walker, Cruz, Trump, Fiorina, Carson, ………basically ALL Republican candidates. Compare this to Hillary’s “You mean wipe it with a cloth..” response to a reporters question about wiping her server clean. Obama isn’t any better. Democrats are lying con artists and need to constantly remember the lies they’re supposed to tell. When someone speaks the truth there is no hesitation or awkward response.

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