Found It! Here’s The Caroline Kennedy Interview That Trump LOVES TO MOCK At Speeches!

So Trump just LOVES telling the story about how Caroline Kennedy became the ambassador to Japan under President Buzzfeed Obama, and at one point he says, “you can go check it out.”

So we did!!

Here’s a mash up of his story and the interview he’s talking about:

I didn’t intend to add that creepy laughter at the end, it just showed up on it’s own. Weird.

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  • Kelly Zat

    Trump is hilarious here. It’s a little concerning that she’s ambassador, unless US policy has reversed course on Japan’s pacifist constitution. Which, considering China’s posture may be up for discussion but it should be led by someone with some experience in the far east. Then again, I don’t think it is, considering we pretty much wrote it.

  • eskyman

    Great mashup! Ain’t it wonderful that we have a talentless incompetent to represent us in Japan! She probably thinks they really love her, which they do; not only is she not standing up for US interests, she won’t even know what those interests are! Result is, they eat our lunch. We pay for their breakfast, lunch and dinner; but Caroline, sweet blossom of innocent ignorance, gets applauded for the “wonderful relationship” she’s having with Japan, while they smile and smile and pick our pockets.
    Damn, if I didn’t have a conscience, or a brain, and I had the goods on a corrupt Senator or two, I could be such a successful Ambassador!
    Trump is the Only One Who Gets It. Go Trump!

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