Hillary Just Called 60% Of Americans NAZIS

Is Hillary losing it? I think that bump on her head is causing some problems, because today she compared Republicans who want to deport illegals to NAZIS!

Watch below:

In using the word “boxcars” as imagery to describe deportation, Hillary is clearly referring to the way Nazis transported Jews to the concentration camps.

That’s unfortunate…. for her campaign. Because as many as 60% of Americans believe that we need to deport MORE illegal aliens. 

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters think the U.S. government is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are in this country illegally. That shows little change from April but is up from 52% in April of last year. Twelve percent (12%) think the government is too aggressive, down from 16% in April. Sixteen percent (16%) now think the number of deportations is about right, while 12% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

This is after equating prolife conservatives to ISLAMIST TERRORISTS yesterday:

That makes about 55% of Americans the same as ISIS in Hillary’s eyes:

When asked when abortion should be legal, 55 percent of Americans oppose all abortions or say abortion should only be legal in a “few circumstances,” typically defined as cases such as rape, incest or if the life of the mother is in danger. Since those cases constitute, at most, 1-2 percent of all abortion cases, Gallup’s numbers confirm 55 percent of Americans oppose 98 percent or more of the 1.1 million abortions that take place annually in the United States.

The poll makes it clear that even 27 percent of those who call themselves “pro-choice” actually take a pro-life position wanting all abortions illegal or abortion legal in only the very rarest cases. Just 9 percent of people who support unlimited abortion wrongly call themselves pro-life.

If Hillary is so secure in her presidential race then why is she using such radical speech?

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  • I remember this Hillary. Let it all out, Hilda. America’s favorite screechier has arrived.

  • foramerica

    Yet, she had no problem with American borders not being guarded and letting all these people in in the first place. Of course, she has no problem with the damage they are doing to our economy. And are we really to believe that Hillary is sympathetic to any of these illegals? I’m guessing she is concerned about all the illegal votes she would lose. We are talking Killary’s base here.

  • foramerica

    I should add that the author of the above needs to quit using the Liberal terminology of “pro-choice”. That is a euphemism to make people think more kindly towards the practice of murder. It should be called either pro-death or pro-murder. Liberals are the party of death. Killary is a good example.

  • tyrannyofevilmen

    She’s definitely losing her marbles… whatever she has left. She sounded like a robot.

    I’m sure Trump’s already making the ad…

  • pathfinder

    She can’t help herself.

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