PC Police Alert!! MSNBC Deems Another Word Racist: ‘Resilient’!!

Erstwhile Civil Rights Attorney and full-time moron Tracie Washington went on the Melissa Harris Perry show yesterday morning to show that she too could compete with the profound idiocy that flows forth from that boundless cornucopia of stupidity.

Also she’s dumb not smart:

She literally just said that calling anyone in New Orleans “resilient” is racist, and it’s an excuse to not help black people after hurricane Katrina. It’s just incredible. She seems to believe that resiliency means being slapped by a white person and asking for more, and forgiving them. BUT WHITE PEOPLE DIDN’T SEND HURRICANE KATRINA. Good God, these people are frighteningly stupid.

New Orleans is called “resilient” not because it withstood white racism, but because the good decent people rebuilt it after a natural disaster. Resiliency is a GOOD THING, it’s a VIRTUE. There’s something so creepy and weird that they make even this virtue, a habit that is completely unrelated to skin color, something racist and wrong. They’re habituating themselves into not being able to operate without seeing racism in every damn thing everywhere.

Here’s the moron on the Twitters:

This is the link she posts:

This dumbass is proudly saying, “I AM NOT RESILIENT!” as if that’s a poke in the eye to white racism. If it wasn’t so damn pathetic it would be laughable.

  • Cpt Pernicious

    Good grief. Do these soul-less morons stay up at night trying to come up with these idiotic statements?

  • jukin

    I would have to say that the blacks in NOLA were not resilient. They demanded white people rebuild everything.

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  • BeevaloBill

    I got news. Life is hard for everyone. If you are not resilient, it is even harder.

    Newspeak has taken over the left. Calling someone resilient is a compliment. Asking “society” to provide the basics of life is self deprecating (and not in the cute funny way) and inherently self limiting..

  • unkontrollableurge

    Harris-Perry has a serious speech impediment.

  • unkontrollableurge

    How about “nagging?” “nuisance.” “bag of stones” around the neck of the country?

  • Melissa Dow

    No you’re not resilient. Just an idiot.

  • belaglik

    You’re right about that. At least Tracie Washington isn’t making any pretense about being the whiny, spineless, weakling that she is. Many people have had it much harder and don’t constantly whinge about how unfairly life and all the people in the world have treated them.

  • Tyrconnell

    Yeah, I remember how the country just totally ignored New Orleans, not a dime, a timber or a single worker went there to help rebuild.

  • pathfinder

    Maybe they’re trying to indoctrinate people to not be resilient?

  • Kelly Zat

    Neither of these ladies does themselves any credit. I just wonder when MSNBC is going to fire Harris Perry. Both she and Chris Hayes go further out into crazy every day.

    I wish white people controlled the weather. I’d never see another snowflake in my life and I’d send an ice storm to LA just because.


    It’s really unbelievable how Liberals can singlehandedly make themselves so miserable…with the help of indoctrination that is…

    Liberals are birds of a feather just miserable together …

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  • Goldcoaster

    this just naturally flows from the victimhood mentality. relax and admit – you cannot fix stupid. it is best just to ignore it.
    HER JOB is to play the victim.

  • theGOONIES

    Life is hard. It’s harder if your stupid

  • ScienceABC123

    The PC crowd keeps declaring more and more words “racist.” To be clear, words aren’t “racist.” I’m going to keep using words as defined in the dictionary (Merriam-Webster is my favorite dictionary as of now), I’m resilient that way.

  • ScienceABC123

    I like that line “Liberals are birds of a feather just miserable together.” Mind if I borrow it?

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