Massachusetts Police Officer AMBUSHED in Gun Attack, Manhunt Underway [Videos]

This is now becoming a daily occurrence. Early reports out of Millis, Massachusetts are that a cop was shot at from a red pickup while in his police cruiser, which then crashed and caught fire. It appears that the cop returned fire, and has not sustained injuries. The suspect is a white male.

Here’s a report from Fox News:

Here’s what’s being reported on social media:

More from the official blog of the Massachusetts State Police:

Massachusetts State Police and several local police departments are investigating shots fired into a Millis Police Department cruiser at approximately 3 p.m. on Forest Road in that town. The cruiser was struck by gunfire, then crashed and caught on fire.

State Police are not aware of any injuries at this time. If that changes we will update this post.

Preliminary investigation indicates the shots were fired from a dark colored — possibly maroon — pickup truck. The suspect vehicle fled the scene after the shooting. Preliminary reports describe the suspect as a white male.

State Police patrols from Troops H and C have responded to assist in the search for the suspect, as has a helicopter from our Air Wing. Additionally, State Police detectives, K9 units, crime scene technicians, ballistics technicians, and fire investigators are en route to the scene to assist.

No further information is available at this time.

We hope the cop is ok, and if the shooter is ok, we hope the other cops catch him and make him… not ok.

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  • Michael Onoo

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  • Sam

    These assholes think cops are going to quit? Wrong
    1-vehicle hardening is coming-taxpayer
    2-2 officers per car-taxpayer
    3-think they were Milaterized before-you aint seen nothing yet!-taxpayer
    4-shot spotter systems will be installed on cars and in more cities and linked via secure digital transmission-taxpayer

    The idea that LE is going to run is as insane as these POS!

    Remember we are all potenial jurors if these POS come to trial! Inprefer there on site execution.

    And a very Unintended Consequence of there little Temper Tantrum….
    CCW holders will increase dramaticly, and they wont just be carrying Handguns.

    These Leftist POS animals and there little Anarchist white supporters are about to feel the HEAT!


  • Carter_Burger67

    If a society insists on making war with it’s police, it must first make peace with it’s criminals.

  • Carter_Burger67

    That’s ’cause the whites have already moved up to coaching and front office jobs. 😉

  • smalexschmones
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