Guess Which Prez Candidate Was FIRST to DEMAND America Take On 65,000 Syrian Refugees?

Here’s a fun game! Can you guess which presidential candidate was the first to declare that America needs to open its doors to 65,000 refugees from Syria?

If you guessed that JEB!! was calling Muslim refugees attacking cops “an act of love,” you’d be wrong!!

No, it wasn’t Hillary deleting emails from her involvement in starting the Libyan catastrophe!!

It wasn’t even Commie weirdo Bernie Sanders!!

NO!!! It was the guy who’s currently polling beneath the popularity of toe jam – Martin O’Malley!!!

Ugh… where’s Donald Trump when you need him to call a guy a “total LOSER”?


The former governor of Maryland is referring to a recent State Department statement that the U.S. expected to allow approximately 1,500 Syrian refugees to stay this fiscal year, which ends September 30. During the State Department briefing Thursday, spokesman Mark Toner said he can’t give a response on why the U.S. is not accepting the traditional number of refugees. In the past, the U.S. accepted half the refugees the UNHCR approved for foreign resettlement, which in this case would be 65,000.

“I support the call from humanitarian and refugee organizations for the United States to accept at least 65,000 Syrian refugees next year,” said O’Malley. “If Germany — a country with one-fourth our population — can accept 800,000 refugees this year, certainly we — the nation of immigrants and refugees — can do more.”

On Friday the United Nations urged the European Union to admit up to 200,000 refugees seeking refuge from conflict zones in the Middle East.

Well, the good news is that O’Malley is polling so badly that Osama Bin Laden’s fish-eaten corpse has a better chance of getting into the Oval Office.

But the BAD news is that this is just the start – most likely we’ll start hearing from other candidates that we need to open our hearts to refugees from the Syrian war that Obama promised to end over and over and over again…

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  • Richard Saunders

    Too bad Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is so corrupt and on Team Hillary because nothing would be better than to have the Democrats debating every week with this fool leading the charge.

  • BadBruceLorraine

    If Omalley wants to help those invaders that’s fine but not on American soil, do it over there. How many potential terrorists will we take into America under the guise of helping the refugees and how many attacks will occur because of it? Too damn many.

  • Kelly Zat

    Great. I better get on the phone to my representatives with that handy FBI quote of mine. Not one unless they can be confirmed to be Christian.

  • 20thCenturyVole


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  • pathinfer

    Better add: and is an actual family. True refugees usually attempt to get out with their families in tow (which actually puts them at serious risk); these “poor things” are usually military aged men (and yeah, I’m not buying the dead toddler’s dad’s story — how many family men would go on after watching their entire family die?).