Trump Wants America To Take In Syrian Refugees

El Trumpo says that we need to take refugees from the great Syrian immigrant crisis.

Watch below:

The exchange happened in the first few minutes of the interview with Bill O’Reilly.

Given the very dubious nature of this sudden influx of “refugees,” I think we should be much more cautious:

Guess Which Prez Candidate Was FIRST to DEMAND America Take On 65,000 Syrian Refugees?

  • Kelly Zat

    I don’t buy the refugee meme. Migrants sure. Hijrah I buy even more.

    We should take only Christians or other truly persecuted non Muslims. I’m sorry but 9/11 is in 3 days and as someone who grew up on Long Island, I won’t ever forget. The current group of refugees has already done enough and honestly I think most of them should go.

  • feralcat


    Trump Plans Crack Down on Muslim Immigration

    Most Other 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Silent

    By Mike Scruggs- The mainstream media including Fox
    have apparently not noticed that in Trump’s five-page immigration plan
    he intends to cut down on immigration from Middle East countries posing a
    terrorist risk. This includes at least Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and
    so-called refugees from Iraq and Syria. In fact, Trump plans to increase
    overall fiscal scrutiny and security measures on our much abused asylum
    and refugee programs. He is particularly concerned with President
    Obama’s un-vetted surge of Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Although severe
    persecution and slaughter of Christian and other non-Muslim minorities
    in ISIS held parts of Syria and Iraq is raging, few of Obama’s refugees
    are Christian or other religious minorities. Trump has also been
    sounding the alarm about Christian persecution worldwide, but the most
    egregious cases have been in predominantly Muslim nations or regions.

    Despite the criticism of Trump’s plan by
    establishment Republicans Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie, and
    Carly Fiorina, he consulted with the most knowledgeable, respected, and
    incorruptible resources on immigration issues to formulate them—the
    Center for Immigration Studies and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and his

    So far as I know, the only other 2016 candidate
    talking about reducing Muslim immigration is Rand Paul. Rick Santorum
    has at least implied it by calling for a reduction in legal immigration.
    I suspect several others are also concerned, but silent concern does
    not count for much. The question of Muslim immigration will certainly be
    controversial but avoiding such a question should be counted as moral
    cowardice and flagrant disregard for the security and common good of the
    American people.

    There are still many in the Republican
    establishment who have bought into the G.W. Bush and Karl Rove mantra
    that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. This is despite
    mountains of evidence in the Koran, the teachings of Muhammad, history,
    and current events that Islam seeks to dominate all other religions and
    political philosophies by whatever means necessary. The primary method
    suggested by Muhammad, the Koran, and confirmed by history is armed
    Jihad. The choices for non-Muslim conquered peoples are conversion, a
    form of political and economic slavery, or death. The unstated fourth
    choice is to flee any nation or area that comes under Muslim dominance
    and Islamic Law (Sharia). However, Islam is expanding everywhere by
    sword or by immigration and high birth rates.

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  • pathfinder

    Good points.
    And now it is time to thank Beppo for getting people to believe that they can be heard — and hammer his butt for even suggesting this. Thanks for getting people to pay attention to the anger percolating among the citizenry Donald, now: hahahahaha….I’m afraid we cannot acquiesce to your request….that means “no!”.

  • Conniption Fitz

    That is not true – Sooper.
    Trump said something has to be done, but did not say anything about bringing the more muslims HERE.
    No doubt, he will change the rules of engagement with ISIS and other Islamist groups…from Obama’s enabling mode to a seek and destroy mode.

  • Lockstein13

    I luv ya, Soop, but YOU ARE DISTORTING what Trump said.
    Don’t do it; you lose credibility.

  • loulai

    This post is a distortion of Trump’s views. Trump spoke to taking in Christians and specifically opposed taking Muslims whose culture and religion are specifically opposed to ours.

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