Ben Carson Says We Need A Guest Worker Program Because Americans JUST WON’T WORK Harder JOBS

In this interview with Greta on Fox News, Ben Carson explained why he thought Trump’s “deport em all” policy was unworkable and why a guest worker program makes more sense.

Watch below:

I’m not sure I agree completely with Ben Carson on that  – as far as I’ve heard, the component price of produce having to do with labor is about 10%. So DOUBLING the wages you pay someone would only mean a 10% raise in the price of tomatoes.

Would Americans be willing to pick tomatoes if they were paid $15-$20 an hour? I have a feeling they would.

Video Timeline: A Faith Feud Has Broken Out Between Trump and Carson!!

  • Kelly Zat

    He’s full of shit. I worked in a potato factory when I lived in NE. It was largely white and had a small number of Mexicans, who we all joked about ICE with, that were used to hold wages down in this small town which depended on this factory for a portion of the jobs. Trump will clean up with these people. The only reason Americans don’t do the jobs is because they pay absolute awful wages for back breaking work. I did it because I had no other options at the time.

  • ifmks

    Carson seems like a coward. Disparaging US citizens. What he meant is thet HE isn’t able to work hard.

  • JCT

    I remember this experimenter from a few years ago. Apparently, it is hard to find a lot of people to pick tomatoes .

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