Some Journalists Are Beginning To LOOK For The Man Who Asked Trump The Muslim Question…

So people have been suspicious from the very moment Trump was asked a very controversial question by an angry and loud audience member at a townhall event. Some say he could have been a plant by Democrats, or the GOP establishment.

And journalists are having trouble finding the man:


And now the tap-man is on the case!!!

It would be very interesting to find the man and see what connections he has. It was very convenient for the scandal to blow up right after the debate when people were talking a lot about how well Carly did.

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  • 3p

    The Ilegal Pressy-dent in hos own words.
    The Al-Taqiyya in Chief’s own words..
    Why hasn’t CENTCOM rupped this Jihadi out of the WH and Gitmo’d his jihadi ass?!

  • Kelly Zat

    He’s working on someone’s campaign. It can’t be that hard to find a paid operative. It has to be a limited pool of dirty tricksters. No one wants to find the guy.

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  • IrishMutt

    He could have been a plant paid for by any of the POTUS campaigns from either party. None of them want Trump in the race. Hell, it could even have been Jorge Ramos, Univision, or La Raza … anyone with a vested interest in the never ending Mexodus or one of the other many ethnic invasion streams into our country. None of those ethnic interest advocacy groups want Trump’s immigration agenda implemented.

    To me the mystery is not why they now can’t seem to find the guy, but rather why it took them this long to admit to the immediately obvious possibility the jerk was plant.


  • xsnake

    Doesn’t say much for conservative journalists, that his identity is still unknown.