Degenerate Feminists Throw Condoms At Carly Fiorina During Campaign Rally!!

You know how feminists can let people know how disgusting they are? Tossing condoms at people they disagree with is a good start:

Real classy there.

I really can’t believe that they think this is a reasonable tactic that most Americans would get behind. This is the kind of crap we’re accused of, but the left actually commits.

Here’s the disgusting gyno-fascists that are throwing condoms:

Good job, idiots, keep showing America what degenerates you are, it just makes Carly and other conservatives look like the decent, reasonable ones.

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  • They cannot help themselves form projecting their degenerate enraged lifestyle onto their enemies–it is who they are and therefore in their pea-shaped little minds has to be how others are as well.

    They have become their perception of what they despise; as do all fanatics of any “cause”…

  • Nov-cubed

    Watching everything but the videos. . .

  • Kelly Zat

    This is why normal single women have a hard time getting dates. Men assume we’re all these crazy feminist loons. Also, maybe if they used the damned condoms they wouldn’t need to shout their disgusting murders, oh I’m sorry, abortions.

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  • RageHard84

    Hey there are some desperate guys out there you could go for. Right now I’ve not been able to find someone but this whole crisis makes me think that perhaps sex with somebody you’re not married to is a bad idea. Well, I saw problems with that before but now it looks like an even worse idea.