WOW! WATCH Airstrike Take Out ISIS Terrorists!!

I can’t verify what this is exactly, but it appears to be an airstrike taking out a bunch of ISIS fighters, if the translation on the tweet is correct:



A commenter and someone on Twitter is saying this is not a new video, but from a few years old. If anyone has a confirmed source, please let me know. Thanks!!

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  • unkontrollableurge

    Friggin Snackbar!

  • stevo

    russians got pretty good aim

  • That’s an old video. I saw it a couple of years ago. Syrian air force.

  • Jack O’Spades

    BBQ at Mohammed’s place!

  • Allah akbarbecue!

  • Extra crispy terrorist.

  • SchmierrNippel

    New or old it’s funny as phuck.

  • Goldcoaster

    well that was over quick.

  • pokie

    Aloha Snackbar !!!!! So soopermexican like your site dude !!! What are the rules ? Can we say fuck shit hell puntang and stuff ? LMAO

  • pokie

    I think those arabs shit the bed when that plane came a rollin lmao

  • Heil Hitler

    Fåggot jéw.