Dalai Lama Says Unless We Defeat ISIS Through Non-Violence There Will Be 100 Bin Ladens

I never really thought much of this bald crackhead, but this seals the deal for me. In an interview with BBC, he says that the Brits and Europe should stop generalizing against Muslims and accept more Syrian “refugees.”

Watch below:

He also said that anyone who practices violence is not acting according to Islam. I guess the lama hasn’t ever picked up the Koran.

But this really takes it – he says that the only way to defeat ISIS is to do it through non-violent means. And that’s because, as he explains, if we act violently against ISIS then in ten years there will be “100 Osama Bin Ladens.”

I don’t understand why we can’t just kill all of those who will be Bin Ladens in 10 years now.

Anyway, he finishes the stupidity by saying that he’s a good Christian and a good Muslim.

Hmmm. No. No you’re not buddy.

Idiots In Britain Are Literally Protesting For ‘OPEN BORDERS’ For Muslim Immigrants

  • chaga

    That is nothing but a weak bunch of crap.
    Violence is all these goat bangers understand.
    dalai lama is totally wrong——-and being stupid.

  • gastorgrab

    Why does he assume that his own spiritual values are universal?

    Islam values obedience above life. It is a tyrants paradise.

  • Tyrconnell

    Yeah, the non-violence route has done wonders in Tibet.

  • Now I know why Buddhism isn’t mainstream. Didn’t have time to watch the video, because I’m on the move. I can never be a pacifist with these animals. Either they go down or we go down.

  • chisana

    How’s that going for you in Tibet? Your ‘values’ got thousands upon thousands slaughtered by the lovely COMMIES! I wonder if they would vote for this non-sense now..oh, but they are all DEAD while you sit in luxury and fly around the world giving ‘non-sensical’ speeches on how OTHERS should live. Why didn’t you stay in Tibet and peacefully protest like you are preaching now? Answer please? And BTW Pres. Eisenhower warned you and our CIA tried to train fighters to stop this Tibetian slaughter. But you were against least from those trying to save your country. You are shameful.

  • RageHard84

    Sorry Dalai Lama, I don’t think you can be Buddhist and Christian and Muslim at the same time. You probably mean well, but I don’t think you understand the situation.
    As for the Syrian refugees, Israel and the West don’t have to reject them on account of being Muslim. Have you heard about their behavior in many of these countries? Not to mention many Eurozone nations have strained fiscal situations and taking in said refugees will cost them money.

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  • Kelly Zat

    His own values aren’t even universal among Buddhists. He’s ridiculous. This is a religion that has driven monks in Burma to take up arms to defend themselves and who murders monks in Thailand simply for being Buddhist.

  • Kelly Zat

    The monks in Burma have the right idea and have picked up the gun to defend themselves. Unfortunately the monks in Thailand seem to be more influenced by the Tibetan school and are going to slaughter at the hands of Muslim extremists. The Dalai Lama is a fool.

  • Richard Saunders

    All that non-violence did absolutely nothing to defeat the Chinese who continue to occupy his country.