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Megyn Kelly Catches Trump FLIP FLOPPING On Afghanistan War In Just TWO WEEKS!

Megyn Kelly showed how much she’s in the pocket of socialist Bernie Sanders when she launched this completely unfair, biased, left-wing, unfair, incompetent, ridiculous, blood coming out of her whereever, insane attack on el Trumpo because she’s probably married to an illegal Mexican.

Watch below:

Just amazing. It’s clear that Megyn Kelly is just a bimbo that doesn’t understand that she’s a total loser and Donald Trump is not a total loser, but a winner, and classy, and fantastic. Clearly Pete Hegseth wants America to be overrun with illegals because why else would he show video of Trump from two weeks ago because he’s clearly a hater who hates winners, and look at his face, who would vote for that?!?

CAIR Awards ‘American Muslim Of The Year’ To Clock Kid After He Meets With Genocidal War Criminal!

  • Sal

    Fox news went Collectivist years ago, perhaps to keep there seat at WH briefings and Pressy-Dent gatherings.
    I dumped them years ago. To bad they ised to have credibilty.

  • Snorkdoodle Whizbang

    Gosh, Sal… I noticed you didn’t address The Donald’s flip flop on Afghanistan. Attack the messenger instead of addressing the message… kind of a leftest thing to do, isn’t it?

  • J. Lance Walker

    Fox who??? Megan who??? lol….

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  • adamkon1104

    Kuds forces or Kurds. Afghanistan or Iraq. He keeps misunderstanding questions on foreign policy. Obviously the Donald has a bad cell phone.He needs a new one that understands foreign policy.