UPDATE: Spring Valley Closeup Video Shows Girl STRIKING Cop Multiple Times

So the Black Lives Matter people are freaking out over a new video showing a police officer taking down a kid in a classroom.

Here it is:


Well. OK. That actually does seem kind of excessive. He doesn’t talk to her much and either drags or throws her to the other side of the room. I’m usually on the side of the police, but I think this event should be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The 14-year-old was being disruptive in class, and wouldn’t leave when ordered:

A video has surfaced online of an incident between a Spring Valley High School student and a school resource officer that occurred inside a classroom.

The video began spreading on social media sites Monday afternoon. In it, a female student can be seen sitting in her chair in a classroom where several other students are present. An officer can be seen grabbing the student out of her desk, causing the chair to flip over. Once the student is on the ground, the officer can be seen grabbing the student and dragging her for several feet.

The officer then tells the girl to put her hands behind her back. The video stops at that point.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is the agency that has school resource officers at Spring Valley High. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott tells News19 that a disruptive student refused to leave after a teacher asked her to. An administrator was called to the room, and also asked the student to leave, Lott said, and she refused again. Finally, the school resource officer came to the room. Lott said the officer forcibly removed the student and she resisted arrest.

So, she was being an idiot. But I’m not sure that action was appropriate.


As is typical, the left believes there’s absolutely no reason ever ever for a cop to do this, and the right believes a cop can do this always all the time for whatever reason they say.

But to be honest, this better video makes me have more sympathy for the cop, as she clearly strikes him multiple times:


The Right Scoop has a poll on it if you want to register your opinion. Tell me what you think in the comments, especially if you’re in law enforcement.

And check out my op-ed defense of the police featured at Fox News Latino for more context on my thoughts on the matter.

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  • Richard Saunders

    I don’t know what a cop is supposed to do in a situation like that.

    Why didn’t the school just call the parents, probably just one parent first?

    Kids are usually more scared of their parents than the cops or the school.

  • WuDanFu

    Ok, that wasn’t brutal, I understand that the student was young, but she was being arrested and she was resisting arrest she wasn’t struck or injured, she pulled the desk over herself by hanging on to it, she forced the escalation by disregarding commands from 3 different authority figures, the police officer did not drag her across the room, he cleared her entanglement from the desk to prevent her from being injured by it, she no doubt subscribes to the F the police mentality and forced the confrontation herself, she wasn’t injured nor did she require a medical examination of any type. This was not brutal at all and was entirely her fault, if it was a 14 year old white male you wouldn’t have even have heard about it, and my parents would have rawed up my ass WAY worse when I got home. F the police? F no, do as you’re told and respect authority, and those around you, not only did she deny herself the education that was available, she denied it to her fellow students, she disrespected herself and everyone else present, she should be permanently expelled as I would have been in my day and remanded to the juvenile authority, period.

  • BigGator5

    Could not have said it better myself.

  • Any kid who does not do what an adult tells them has earned an ass whuppin. It didn’t hurt me when I was a young smartass, it didn’t hurt my children when they got out of line, it won’t hurt kids today.

  • loulai

    Based on her behavior, she got what was coming to her.

  • cjkcjk

    Common sense tells me that this ain’t her first encounter with authority or with this officer.

  • Mad Dog

    At the same time, there’s something troubling about a cop of that size, that much bigger and stronger than she is, being either unable or unwilling to control her without throwing her to the ground. Is his training so poor that he doesn’t know any other way to get her out of the desk? Or is he so sick of dealing with these kids that he doesn’t care if she’s injured? Either way it sounds like he’s not cut out for that line of work.

  • 46blitz

    Lets see you try arresting an unwilling participant.

  • L S

    Why couldn’t he just pick her up around the waist and carry her out?

  • Mad Dog

    I haven’t done it in about 25 years, but I have done it. And it can be, shall we say, a challenge. When I was arresting someone my own size and strength, it was dangerous. That was why God invented the blackjack. I used it a lot more than any firearm or my baton. On the unusual occasions when I had to move someone that I outweighed by 75 pounds who wasn’t actually trying to hurt me, I never had to hurt them. And I have no respect for someone who does.

    Save your self-righteousness for the silly-villians, sport.

  • Blacks are always upset when they suffer the consequences of their behavior. She disobeyed the instructions of her teacher, the principal, and the police officers. It’s her own fault.

  • Rob Campbell

    Zero regard or respect for any type of authority.
    Didn’t look all that bad to me and it can’t even be remotely argued that she 100% brought this all upon herself.

  • Idiot. She wasn’t hurt. And we’re still waiting for your idea on how to arrest her.

  • 46blitz

    Then I would think you would get it. Had he been gentle after her resistance, one of the 2 or both may have been hurt.

  • WuDanFu

    Perhaps he should have tazed her or maybe maced her? Offer an alternative to the action he chose to take. Remember she had defied orders from 3 authority figures and was trying to punch the officer in the face. You profess that you have experience in these matters, you seem to object to the officers tactics, but you offer no alternatives.

  • Mad Dog

    Actually the fact that half the country considers him a bigger threat to society than her shows that he did a lot of damage. Damage to the reputation of the school and damage to the reputation of cops in general. The old line about “if you resist and get hurt it’s your own fault” is legally false and frankly stupid. He was the adult male facing a 14 year old girl. He came off as the child.

    As far as what he could have done different, that’s a stupid question. Do you really think the only way to get a child out of a desk is to slam her to the floor? What he could have done was any number of what are called “come along” holds. You learn them in the police academy and if you’re smart you get good at a couple of them so you can do them automatically. Because there are a lot of times, you need to take someone in but you’re not justified in using unlimited force. Rather than explain them, it’s easier for you to just google “police come along holds.” My specialty was flexing the subject’s wrist. If you keep the elbow straight, you can walk them out of a bar and half the patrons won’t even notice anything. If they resist too much for that, just internally rotate the shoulder and twist their arm behind their back. That was called “the chicken wing.” My chicken wing was a thing of beauty.

  • Mad Dog

    Note my response to one of the other posters regarding alternatives.

  • It doesn’t even matter if she hit him or not. What matters is the fact that she was disrupting the class and she needed to go. That’s the crux of it. Why would the cop be there in the first place, if she wasn’t causing a commotion?

    Yes, it might have been excessive, but she had to go. The students are losing precious learning time with their idiocy.

  • cjkcjk

    Only ‘troubling’ to people with confused morals. Those of us who have a clear grasp of right and wrong see no trouble at all.

  • cjkcjk

    More than half the electorate voted for Obama twice you fool.

  • cjkcjk

    That’s because he’s obviously making it up. I know a lot of cops and never heard a one speak as foolishly as this guy.

  • Fred

    Can’t get the jungle outa the animal, but the animal is aloud to try it outside the jungle

  • Mad Dog

    This morning he faces the prospect of prison as well as the certainty of thousands of dollars in legal fees and the total disruption of his life. Ask him if he thinks he could have done things a little better.

  • OpedAnderson

    I usually side with police too, but even if she struck him, his reaction seems excessive.

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  • Michael Onoo

    I hope she will now become a lady of etiquette, drink tea and be polite. Fat chance ! She will pump out 6 babies collect ebt and sec8

  • cjkcjk

    Typical lib BS. Every cop in his district should strike if he faces anything! You hacks don’t give a sh!t about principle, right and wrong, just play along with more and more injustice as the whole effin society sinks lower and lower.
    This type of behavior gets worse and worse while the consequences of resisting it get higher and higher.
    Like I said, those of us who have clear morals aren’t ‘troubled’ in the least. It attitudes like yours that are going to destroy everything.
    He did NOTHING wrong, DAMN IT!!

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  • Mad Dog

    That’s a good one. I’m an ex-cop, retired military, a patron life member of the NRA, and a registered Republican. I know global warming is a crock and that Obama is the worst president in history. And to you, I’m a lib because I don’t like men beating up little girls even if the man is a cop and the little girl a poorly behaved middle school student. Got it.

  • cjkcjk

    Really? Exactly how did he ‘beat up’ that ‘little girl’ you hack?
    Regardless of what you are or what you believe you are part of the problem spewing your lib PC BS

  • Tricky Dick

    Bitch got what she had coming to her.

  • Classic Betty

    She only started swinging after he put his arm around her neck! No child should be handled this way by a grown man! If YOUR child was handled in this matter you would not have any sympathy for the adult who slammed a young girl to the ground! I understand that the officer has a job to do but he didn’t have to handle this situation the way he did! When we allow those who enforce the law to do it in a way they see fit, then we are asking for trouble! Kids don’t deserve this and if it were a parent they would be arrested for abuse! Get your head out your ass and recognize injustice, this was uncalled for!!

  • InVinoVeritas

    It’s too bad the cop didn’t pop a cap at her. That would leave one less ghetto queen welfare breeder to support.

  • Tricky Dick

    The teacher set this whole thing up. She told the students to get their cameras on their cellphones ready. She should be fired immediately. As for the girl, you can clearly see she tried to elbow the cop in the balls. She got exactly what she had coming to her. I blame all this crap on Obama. he’s done everything in his power to turn blacks against ever authority figure in this country.

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  • pathfinder

    I’m “cop ambivalent”, but I have had to work with a lot of “troubled” students (aka. one’s with rap sheets and a long history of violent/disciplinary behaviors) — the cop didn’t do anything beyond the pale (and you’d be amazed at just how much physical force is sometimes required when dealing with a student with a really bad attitude — biting, scratching, trying to grab your crotch and put a twist in a tender spot, kicking, spitting…all seen it happen (sometimes the girls are the worst too); have had to put a few down on the ground myself.I’ve even had kids (teenagers) purposely dirty themselves while trying to put you in the hospital, screaming all the while that you’d better not touch them or else. If this cop has had to work the school beat, then he’s probably witnessed similar too.
    Of course edited this video would look bad, but can’t say that I blame the cop here.

  • Proves how stupid you are. You envision using some magic come-along holds. Sorry loser, those don’t work. And she still wasn’t injured. And the students and community supported the police officer. You just support criminal blacks who are too stupid to learn and want to disrupt school.