Ted Cruz OBLITERATES CNBC On BIASED Questions And Gets HUGE applause for it!! #GOPdebate

So far the most electrifying moment of the debate has been Ted Cruz taking his chance to rip into the media and absolutely destroy CNBC on their bias.

Watch the amazingness below:

BOOM!!! Ted Cruz really made the most of the moment afforded him and his listing all the sins of the moderators showed off his impressive intellect. Awesome job.

No, Ai Weiwei, Lego Refusing To Sell You Bricks In Bulk Isn’t ‘Censorship’ Or ‘Discrimination’

  • CountMontyC

    The media is a paper tiger that is easily destroyed when it encounters resistance

  • RageHard84

    Thank you Cruz for pointing out the media bias.

  • MrNishida

    Soop, if you have read any of my prior posts, you know I am a Trump supporter. I know you are not, and that’s ok, reasonable people can disagree without getting nasty, and you have class.
    I also give credit where credit is due- and the frontal attack by Cruz on the liberal media while on a national stage, no holds barred, in their face and in their own house was nothing short of glorious and awesome!!! About time someone called them out publicly for their bullshit!!! I was jumping up and down screaming “Yes, yes, yes! About f***ing time someone called them on their bullshit!”
    Also loved the way the other candidates who had been meek about calling out the biased media finally found their balls and went on the attack too.
    But it was undoubtedly Ted’s night. That moment, and the audience reaction to it (which must have made every liberal in the country piss in their pants) will be forever etched in my memory.
    I also love the aftermath, the candidates are now considering saying ‘F**k you’ to both the RNC and the liberal media, and considering a revolt where, for future debates, they will choose the network, format, and moderators.
    I would go further than that- if the networks refuse to play ball on this, have the debates on the net! Network TV is dying anyway, and almost everyone now has a computer, a smartphone, or both!

  • Mark81150

    Masterful moment by Senator Ted Cruz… masterful. He said what the base has known for years, that the media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the democrat party. They will never go after a democrat as they do a republican.. never.

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