Quentin Tarantino Has Absolutely No Idea What Free Speech Means

I’m sure the unpaid interns of the low-rated Chris Hayes Show has a tough time having to mop up all the spittle that flew out of an enraged but incoherent Quentin Tarantino as he attacked the people who would dare make him deal with the consequences of his idiotic political beliefs.

Watch below:

The dim-witted director showed that he knows as much about the First Amendment as he does about any other political subject when he whined that boycotters were taking away his rights to free speech. Uh, no, idiot, that Amendment has to do with the federal government stifling your speech, not another private citizen. And what are they doing exactly? Oh, they’re choosing not to watch your crappy ultra-violent movie. Apparently director dumbass believes that he has a Constitutional right to force Americans to watch his movies.


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  • MrNishida

    The fool, like the average liberal, is pathetic.
    He does not understand (or refuses to believe) that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech.
    They really do believe that freedom of speech is only for them, and that we do not have the right to push back. Over the course of several decades, I have been told exactly that by many ‘progressives’, that freedom of speech is just for them, not for us. When I replied to them, “Spoken like a good, little, intolerant communist tyrant!” they used to go into spasms and deny they were little intolerant communist tyrants. Now, they proudly admit it.
    Obama’s election finally brought their tyrannical streak out into the open. Good. They finally stuck their rears out into the open, we know who they are, and they can’t hide anymore.
    The normal, rational people have had enough of their tyrannical BS. Payback is coming, and it will be epic.

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