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HEY MEDIA: Ben Carson’s Mother VERIFIED His Stabbing Story Way Back In 1997!!

The media has been on the prowl like a lion waiting to devour Ben Carson by saying that there’s no evidence that the stories from his autobiography are true.

But Andrew Kaczynski from Putzfeed has discovered a tiny tidbit that helps corroborate a story they’ve been trying to discredit:

The media has been trying to discredit Ben’s entire conversation story by saying he was never violent, and they did this by saying they could not produce anyone who would confirm it.

But notice their standard of proof here – the absence of evidence supposedly proves Ben is wrong.

When it was Obama being vetted, the media placed the burden of proof on those trying to discredit Obama. But hey, they’re totally objective.

Anyway, Andrew went on to explain why it’s so important:

This was another part of the story that they tried to destroy him with.

Now you think they tried as hard to find this to clear him as they did to try to find things to destroy him?

I have to give kudos to Kaczynski for finding and posting this.

‘I’m Surprised You’re So Gullible!’ – Trump Mocks Ben Carson’s Christian Conversion

  • John Hamblin

    Hi Soop.

    This appears to raise more questions than it answers.

    1. No real source cited.
    2. Grainy picture and not of the entire publication.
    3. You ask your source for the source and you get silence.
    4. Nothing about who wrote this interview.
    5. Search Buzzfeed and nothing shows up.
    6. Your source works for Buzzfeed.


    Can any of this be answered or is it just BS?

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  • Yeah I find that odd too. But the fact that it’s buzzfeed makes me believe it more – they wouldn’t go out of their way to help a Republican.

  • gastorgrab

    I cant understand why the left thinks it’s a bad thing if Ben Carson isn’t as violent as he claimed to be?

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