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Bloomingdale’s Apologizes Because Its Christmas Ad Was A Little Too Rapey

Bloomingdale’s is on the defense after everyone freaked out that its newest ad was supportive of “rape culture.”

Watch below:

Here are some children whining online about it:

OK, that tweet was kinda funny, but the sentiment is idiotic. How do they not know that it’s the chick who is trying to get the dude drunk to take advantage of him? Do they really believe that rapists become predators because of Bloomingdale’s ads? Don’t they know all rapists show at Sears?!??!

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  • Oh no! We have to boycott Bloomingdale stores across the country! The company is being run by sexist pigs who deserve to be denutted!

    How is that for a liberal rant? (snicker)

  • yesseriously

    Sears! Hahahaha.

    The guy isn’t looking at her, he’s looking past her. He’s looking at whoever she’s laughing at / flirting with. So this is a gay date rape ad. Where’s HRT and the Advocate on this? If they’re cool, then Bloomies is good.