MUST WATCH! Neil Cavuto Calmly DISMANTLES ‘Socially Conscious’ Math-Challenged Millennial Demanding Freebies

WOW. This interview with Neil Cavuto questioning a typical “social justice warrior” idiot is just amazing. He asks her real questions and demands real answers and numbers. And she can’t even.

Watch below, it’s a long video but wow is it worth it:

When forced to look at the actual costs of the freebies she wants, she just doesn’t believe it. LOL!! Just deny reality.

I don’t think all millennials are this ignorant of math, but.. oh wait a minute I just looked at Americans’ average math scores. We’re totally screwed.

KKK HYSTERIA Grips Mizzou Campus!! Student Prez CONFIRMS KKK Attacks, Then Says Stop Spreading Rumors!!

  • KidsNeed2FaceReality
    Life isnt xbox or Life in Mom &Dad’s attic
    Collegeis 4Learning4WORK
    Not Scamming the System
    No$15Unskilled Jobs
    Loans2B Repaid ByStudents
    SHOULD do like other nations such as Israel- Require 2 Years Service from Young Adults
    If kids had to do some sort of meaningful community or infrastructure improvement work after
    high school, then take tests for aptitude and then perhaps get college dealing with their aptitude.
    I know of kids who take classes just to get the loans, dont specify and leave college with no degrees BECAUSE they didnt take school serious enough and never took the required classes.

    Colleges should stop letting kids in to take ‘filler subjects’ and require a path to success in that the kid picks the career that matches their aptitude and then take classes that will lead them on their right path.
    It used to be that way~ Take your general requirements, then your special ones so if you were going to be a doctor or nurse you had to take special biology & chemistry classes prior to Med School.
    Or with lawyers – the prerequisites had to be met.

    Standards should never have been lowered to allow the inept into college and incur loan debt in the first place..
    Loans should not be available to those who can not maintain a passing grade!
    If the student has no requirements, they will not produce!
    Colleges seems to have gone liberally insane.

    True students shouldnt be incurring such large loan debts BUT they are the ones squandering the money and resources that are currently being provided. I know a family who both husband and wife too online classes just to qualify for student loans to use on family bills and took minimal courses in order to get more loans. They never got degrees. The classes didnt improve their lives. By the time they stopped the online classes for other reasons, they both incurred over $20K debt each which they need to repay. Sure. they dont want to BUT they did it.

    If rules were changed to have to reflect a student goal or plan and proof of passing grades and metriculation, then loans should be provided. Kids that just hang out in school or do online classes with the goal of merely obtaining easy loan money should be screened out. part of the problem is that easy access to loans with little to few requirements as to the quality of education they are receiving and the lack of effort they put forth to not achieve.

    If a program like the Civilian Conservation Corps was brought back and used to provide work for kids graduating high school and working at it for 2 yrs was mandatory in lieu of military enlistments, then that student would get a taste of life and responsibility BEFORE going to College and by then have an idea of what they want to become and then pass some aptitude tests in order to qualify to go to College.

    Not everyone that goes to College is qualified. Schools have been continually lowering standards to help morons pass courses that will not lead to any solid future or enhance any job skill beyond some liberal mindset on how to scam the system further.Standards need to be raised, not lowered. Kids need to learn responsibility and become responsible as young adults.

  • adam

    The problem lies in the very last comment she makes. “Ideally”. With Liberals an idea is never judged on the results. Communism isn’t a problem, sure Communist countries have murdered millions of their own citizens, but those countries didn’t implement Communism correctly. Same with Socialism.

    Until an idea is judged on the outcome these idiots will always make the same mistakes.

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  • yesseriously

    Um… umm… um… um great question, I mean….Oh ummm…. I have to wonder if her parents cringed in shame? I bet she’s a women’s studies major and thinks that teachers & policemen are an example of socialism. My family is on government assistance. This explains, so much.

  • Sharknado

    Too many anti-depressants.

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